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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bumi Kedaton Mall--the New Shopping Center in Bandar Lampung

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Shopping Center Mall Bumi Kedaton
Bumi Kedaton Mall is the new shopping mall in Bandar Lampung. It was opened just one month before the fasting month of Ramadan. It seemed that the owner wanted to make best use of the opportunity to start operating the mall considering that fasting month is the right time to sell articles like clothes and other things badly needed for Iedul Fitri celebration day.

In fact, some of the facilities had not been finished but the Bumi Kedaton manager probably thought that the supermarket area was the one that would be visited by Lampung shoppers because it provides things such as clothes, kitchen appliances, food and so on.

The grand opening ceremony of this Bumi Kedaton mall was attended by many residents of Bandar Lampung. Even some came from districts of Lampung Province. It was too crowded inside, and parking lots were also so full that many cars had to be parked outside and along the nearby streets.

If we look at the building, it is probably the biggest and the most modern shopping malls in Bandar Lampung. It is said that you can find almost everything--clothes, books, kitchen stuffs, automobile accessories and spare parts, medicine, food and bread, office tools, beds, chairs, and the cinema. The location of Bumi Kedaton mall is also very strategic. Let's hope that Bumi Kedaton Mall will make the city of Bandar Lampung more and more beautiful and can attract visitors from other cities.

See the story when the building of Bumi Kedaton Mall was still under construction. Click HERE

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Roadworks always cause congestion

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Roadworks, especially on the most frequently traveled roads definitely cause heavy congestion. The road connecting Bandar Lampung City to Bakauheni Seaport is the one that is the most frequently traveled. Once there are roadworks--improvement or road patches--congestion is unavoidable.

About 5 km from Bakauheni Seaport, the road shoulders are being improved by changing the asphalted surface to the concrete one. So, for the time being, the road being repaired is getting narrower as one side of the shoulder can not be used. Vehicles to and from Bakauheni Seaport have to queue up for at least one or more hours. Hopefully the roadworks will have been completed before the coming Idul Fitri celebration.

Some other parts of the main road connecting Bandar Lampung to Bakauheni Seaport are also damaged and need patching or improving.

Quick response by local government is very important regarding roadwork on the most frequently traveled road like Jl. Soekarno-Hatta linking Bakauheni Seaport to Bandar Lampung City.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Eleven Lampung's Road bikers join Kompas Minang Bike Ride

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Lampung Bike tour
photo by Robby
On May 9-11, 2014 Kompas held a road bike tour taking place in West Sumatera. Among 150 participants from around Indonesia, were 11 riders from Lampung Province, three of whom are famous for their endurance and high speed. They are Robby, Andri, and Audi--young guys of Satya family. The beautiful panorama of the undulating terrains of Padang City has set Lammpung's road riders' thinking cap on wondering if the next riding tour would be held in their home town--Lampung Province.
Lampung Road bikers
Photo by Robby

Lampung residents
photo by Robby
Kompas Bike Team seemed to know very well about spectacular road biking location. Padang City is no doubt an accurate venue for any biking tour--road biking or mountain biking. If only Lampung authorities had known that 11 residents of Bandar Lampung decided to join Kompas Minang Bike of their own free will, the authorities would have been surprised and proud that there are still Bandar Lampung residents who love doing things that will bring more value to Bandar Lampung city without asking for any reward.

The bike tour lasted for 3 days. On day 1, participants started biking towards Maninjau Lake in Agam Regency. On day 2, bikers were presented with spectacular view of Maninjau Lake and famous steep 44 bends, which certainly drained all bikers' energy and endurance.

Bandar Lampung City should be proud of having these guys--the guys who are health-conscious and want to remain fit and healthy by biking. Congratulation guys! We do hope there will be more people who will follow suit.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tanjung Putus Lampung Selatan

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Tanjung Putus Island as people call is now becoming one of the most popular and the most visited tourism resort in Lampung Province. Previously, Tanjung Putus was only a recreation place for certain people who knew the area. Since more and more people have been informed of the place, the owner of Tanjung Putus island, considering its beautiful surrounding area, determined to turn the area into such a beautiful tourism resort.

Go to Tanjung Putus for your holiday in Lampung
To reach Tanjung Putus, you have to go to Ketapang Village located approximately 35 km from the city of Bandar Lampung or 45 minutes by car. Ketapang Village is a fishing village, where you can park your vehicles and take a boat to Tanjung Putus Island. To rent a boat, you are charged about Rp.400,000.-- that's the cost for you to go and return to Ketapang Village.

Upon arriving on the island, you will be welcome with spectacular scenic view around the island. You can start swimming, diving or just sit around in  the restaurant or spend the night at the comfortable cottage.

Visit Tanjung Putus for a vacation
foto oleh Polaris Hash
Further information on Tanjung Putus, you can contact the hotel tourist guide who will tell you about it.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flyovers in Bandar Lampung

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The flyover connecting Jl. Sultan Agung to Jl.Ryakudu is now fully functional. Traffic jams in the area are not seen anymore. Traffic  from Jl. Sultan Agung to Korpri area is smooth without congestion at all. It is also the same to the flyover of Jl.P. Antasari - Jl. Tirtayasa. Traffic from both streets is very smooth. As you can see the space under the flyover has been used by some people to park their cars. They may be privately-owned cars for taking passengers to other destinations (possibly to Bakauheni seaport). They usually charge Rp 40.000 - Rp.45.000 if you go to Bakauheni. If you go to Bakauheni in the afternoon around 5 to 6 p,m, you will be better off taking the bus from Rajabasa Terminal. After 7 p,m, bus transport to Bakauheni is rather rare. If you go to Bakauheni in the evening (starting from 8 p.m), you have to the areas under the filyovers as mentioned above to find some vehicles that take you to your destination.

The flyovers (1. Connecting Jl. Sulatan Agung to Ryakudu; connecting Jl.Pangeran Antasari to Jl. Pangeran Tirtayasa; and the longest one connecting Jl. Gajahmada to Sport Stadium in Pahoman area)  in Bandar Lampung are all in all making the appearance of Bandar Lampung City more and more interesting. I hope this condition will improve Bandar Lampung in tourism sector.

All in all, Bandar Lampung City, with the existance of flyovers, traffic jams can be reduced, the look of the city is more beautiful. This perhaps will increase number of visitors from other places.