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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sharp Rise of Exchange Rate to 16,000 IDR

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Sharp Rise of Exchange Rate to 16,000 IDR

By means of using the robbed documents belonging to 36 persons [document B], Bank of Indonesia at the beginning of 1995 [Sudrajad Djiwandono] had the currency in 20,000 and 50,000 denominations (with smiling Soeharto picture on it) printed and circulated. 

The currency of 20,000 and 50,00 denomination was printed by PT. PERURI and PT. PURA X while 100,000 denomination was printed in Australia. All printed currency mentioned above was worth 5,000 trillion IDR or equivalent to US$ 2,008 billion (based on exchange rate of US$1/2,400 IDR). In other words, by the time 5,965 TRILLION IDR was printed, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia should have had asset guarantee (Collateral) in the form of gold or platinum worth 2,700,000 kg of gold/platinum or equivalent to 6,500 TRILLION IDR as the guarantee of the circulation from the Letter/Document in (attachment 26) resulting in Economic Crisis of the exchange rate of 2,400 IDR/US$1 (PRIOR TO PRINTING) rising sharply to 16,000 IDR/US$1 (AFTER PRINTING).


The bottom line was that such currency printing was of violation as per “Keynes Law and Patent License Agreement of Document Association of International Certificate”, [Guarantee of the Lawful  World Standard Currency Printing] as the Parent Institution of KEY and LOCK under the control of Ratu Imam Mahdi, “Consortium Internationality-SWISSINDO

If the printed currency were not returned as per “Procedural – Constitutional – Diplomatic Exibitioner’s A and B”, SWISSINDO [“Top Secret, ID HISTORY OWNERSHIP” since 17-7-1945] as the owner of “Collateral & Cash Collateral/IDI Consortium Internationality/Property Deeds Corporate & Institutions [Manual System]” who was in charge of recreating the System [“INSTALL-LARGEST PAYMENT PROCESSOR & TRANSFER MONEY SYSTEM”] as the World Mandatory Letter & the Mouthpiece of the people constituting undeniable evidence for reissuance of BANK SECURITIES, then there would be no institution nor anyone who would be able to justify the currency printing BEYOND the responsibility other than proof of Micro Film Ownership.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Part of the Country’s Debt is Carried Forward Balance of 1998 Crisis

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1998 economic crisis
Part of the Country’s Debt is Carried Forward Balance of 1998 Crisis
In 2008, the world underwent economic crisis due to the greed of the hedge fund. Bank Century was supposed to be a bank, which was potentially systematic in banking industry, so it had to be saved. Sri Muyani and Boediono saw this potential but House of Representatives looked at it from political spectacles – a figure of 6.7 trillion IDR, whereas the cost of restructuring the bank could reach hundreds of trillion IDR.

It wasn’t a case of Bank Century without corruption indication. However, it had to be looked at from a clear view point without using political motive of hostage. House of Representatives once again proved political hostage model against Century case.

Sri Mulyani is a character who is only committed to the world of finance. She said she’d withdrawn a minister of finance not because she was scared but she thought she’d better help Indonesia at International level at the World Bank. It was obvious that World Bank would only recruit people of super talent – not based on S3 Degree holders but have no quality or of an honorary doctorate degree, whose credibility is still in the gray zone.

Another evidence of Sri Mulyani’s credibility is that she delivered a general lecture at Harvard Kennedy School.  Few Indonesian economists of world-level recognition can do this.

“On Tuesday, March 7th, 2017, I delivered a general lecture at Harvard Kennedy School. My topic was “The New World Order: Indonesia’s Response and Call for a Coordinated Global Response,” said Sri Mulyani via her personal Instagram, @smindrawati, Wednesday (8/3/2107)

Aren’t they aware that as of today the country’s debt burden from 1998 Crisis has had a balance of 195 trillion IDR plus interest of 40 trillion IDR totaling 244 trillion IDR. They should’ve thought about it a little. Are they aware of this data? The answer is obviously no. To the best of their knowledge, Jokowi has had too much debt to finance infrastructure projects, which could threaten the country’s finance.

They forgot that the country debt is productive, while they also forgot that 1998 Crisis has left significant debt balance. Fortunately, Sri Mulyani has discovered this. “The debt Statement is still with us and the debt still has to be paid,” explained Sri Mulyani, while holding a news conference in Jakarta, Monday (13/3/217). Kompas.com.

If President Jokowi had an additional cash amount of 244 trillion IDR, the country wouldn’t have borrowed that much. By the way, is the ex president aware of this figure?
House of Representatives dared to take an action when Sri Mulyani was away at the World Bank.

House of Representative was in fact scared regarding budget matter. It was proved that a lot of budget matters were decided after Sri Mulyani had withdrawn. Ahok was at the time still a member of Commission Two of House of Representative. He warned other members concerning the matter but was considered to be a trouble maker who made noises.
Other evidence was that National Budget, which could potentially cause State’s loss was prepared only after Sri Mulyani had left as minister of finance.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017


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UN Swissindo socializes DBLC
Socialization of Debt Burden Liberation (DLBLC) by UN SWISSINDO INTERNATIONAL ORBIT has continuously been carried out as an effort to implement Law of People Protection. This DBLC Program is expected to be acknowledged by all parties, who will understand and realize that debt and financial issues shall consistently and consequently be controlled and supervised by an institution established by State Act and Regulation of International Law.
A great deal of authority abuse, manipulation or contrived regulation, and interest of political power to make use of the fund through banking system by suspected culprits or conspirators of financial crime shall be the responsibility of all Law Enforcers. Through this socialization opportunity and publication of UN SWISSINDO Mission, all parties and communities should take part in controlling and safeguarding the funding and asset that belongs to the people and State.
Embezzlement and systematic robbery through banking that have occurred causing loss of bank customers’ fund indicate that financial crime should be settled and dismantled by the party responsible for such cases. If the crime is ignored or there is purposeful ignorance, which may result in asset loss and the Law being undermined, then legal action shall be taken against any effort to betray and to terrorize the State and her people.

News and Publication Team of UN Swissindo

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

UN Swissindo: March 11 2017 Moment at Lembah Ciremai

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UN Swissindo - March 11 2017 Event at Lembah Gn. Ciremai

UN Swissindo: March 11 2017 Moment at Lembah Ciremai

March 11th, 2017 was a very important and happy moment for all of the people around the world. It was a moment to erase and to free humanity from slavery system, which has so far shackled the people AND AN OATH OF LOYALTY TO UN SWISSINDO MADE BY ALL THOSE PRESENT AT THE EVENT. ALL SIGNATURES OF THE VOLUNTEERS SIGNED UNDER THE STATEMENT OF OATH HAVE BEEN APPROVED BY ROYAL K.681.

God’s promise as the Greatest Creator has been manifested there. Compassion to glorify and to be gloried  by God-created fellow human beings has been manifested.

Welcome to New, God-approved Golden Era of UN SWSISSINDO in the Form of NEO THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GOD SKY EARTH.

The event took place in GEDUNG LEMBAH CIREMAI, KUNINGAN, WESTJAVA and was attended by members and all supporters and volunteers living in West Java.

Dear brothers and sisters around the world, no matter where you are, no matter what religion you belong to, we shall be there as the long-awaited time is approaching. Stairway to Heaven has landed on Earth for us all to climb peacefully.

Written by H.Haeri Pangeran Sumenep, a member of Honorary Council of The United Nations of Swissindo International Orbit.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Kiyai Agung Asnawi Banten -- The Forgotten 18th Descendant of Raden Patah King

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The story about Kiyai Agung Asnawi

Kiyai Agung Asnawi Banten -- The Forgotten 18th Descendant of Raden Patah King

K.H. Syekh Asnawi Caringin Banten was a great Islamic theologian, who was persistent in devoting himself for the sake of the people. Most people called him “Mama Asnawi”. He protected the community like the shade of a Banyan tree.

According to the story, he was one of  those who spread Religion of Islam in Banten (West Java).  Now, his tomb is frequently visited by Moslems from many provinces.

The story of Kiayi Agung Asnawi
He was in fact an Islamic priest, a fighter from Caringin Banten, West Java. A lot of visitors have come to find out about his great effort in Islamizing the community, especially that in Banten, West java.

He was born in Caringin Village, Banten in 1850. His father’s name was Abdurrahman and his mother Ratu Sabi’ah, who was the 17th descendant of Sultan Agung Mataran or King Raden Fatah aka Jin Bun – A son of the last Emperor of Majapahit Kingdom.

When he was 9 years of age, his father sent him to Mecca to study more of Islam religion. In Mecca he was to meet an internationally famous priest named Syaikh Muhammad Nawawi al-Jawi al-Bantani, who was one of Imams of Masjidil Harom Mosque in Mecca. He was born in Serang, Banten in 1813 and passed away in Mecca in 1897.

Kiayi Agung Asnawi Banten, due to his smartness, was able to absorb the lesson well more quickly and was sent back to Indonesia to spread Islam in his hometown, Banten.

Upon his return from Mecca, he began preaching in various regions of West Java. His expertise and the knowledge he had made him famous. Since then on he became a role model for the community in Banten. At that time, Indonesia was still being colonized by the Dutch.

Mental and moral deterioration of Banten society at that time made Kiyai Agung Asnawi more intent in his preaching, which sparked fire of independence  in all his preaching. The warriors of Banten (Jawara/ Pendekar Banten) intimidated him due to their movement being disturbed. However, the sadistic and ruthless warriors of Banten were conquered by him hand down. This made him more famous and the Dutch colonist considered him to be one of those to be careful about.

In his preaching, he also taught spirit of nationalism – anti-colonist spirit to the then Banten community until he was finally arrested by the Dutch colonist and was imprisoned in Tanah Abang ( a part of Jakarta now) and exiled to Cianjur (where a famous Gudung Padang is), West Java on charges of staging a rebellion against the Dutch Government. He was in exile there for about a year. Finally, what he did was supported by the people, noblemen and warriors of West Java.

Since the fall of Sultanate of Banten, there had been a number of rebellions, most of which were headed by religious figures – Pandegelang Rebellion headed by Mas Jakarta, Cikande incident, Wakhia Rebellion, Usup Incident, Pungut Incident, Kolelet Case, Jayakusuma Case and the last, which was the most well known was Geger Cilegon headed by KH. Wasid.

During his isolation, K.H. Syech Asnawi kept on carrying out his preaching to the nearby society in Cianjur. When the situation eased off, he decided to return to his hometown, Caringin, Banten to resume the preaching by means of building a religious school of Masyarikul Anwar and a mosque of Syalafiah Caringin in around 1884. The Caringin Mosque is marked with a rectangle layout, where there are porches on all four sides.

Architecture of the mosque was sort of influenced by locality. This can be seen from the shape of the roof. The shape of windows and doors is that of foreign architecture – the windows and doors are in relatively large dimension. So are the pillars of the mosque that surround it.

According to the story, the wood the mosque is made of came from Kalimantan carried by K.H. Asnawi himself. The wood was believed to be unable to be chopped down. However, by the help of God’s power and his magical skill, the tree could finally be cut down.

K.H. Asnawi Banten passed away in 1937. He left 23 children from his five wives, all of whom passed away and were buried around the Caringin Mosque, which has existed for nearly 200 years.