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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Peace Demo Staged by DBLC Team for South Sulawesi

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UN Swissindo International Orbit for South Sulawesi headed by La Ceni Kalean  has invited Metro TV to cover their activity of holding a press conference at Warkop POENAM Boulevard Makassar at 10:30 am Indonesian Time today (Wednesday, July 27th, 2016).

On Thurday, 28th of July 2016, UN Swissindo International Orbit for South Sulawesi is to stage a peace demo in front of Bank of Indonesia Building located on Jl Sudirman No.3, Makassar. The demo is in respect of DBLC, to which officials of BI have not taken any response, which has caused the pros and cons to the DBLC validity. Head of UN Swissindo International Orbit for South Sulawesi, MR. La Ceni Kalean has requested a formal permit from the local police headquarter. He said he would invite more or less 500 participants to the said Peace Demo.

Swissindo is not building Castle in the air

Swissindo is NOT building Castle in the Air

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Swissindo International Orbit still continues its all out effort to introduce one of P1-11 programs -- Debt Liberation Program.

Despite the pros and cons among the societies both in Indonesia and abroad, the socialization teams seem to tirelessly keep holding the DBLC Socialization meetings. Meanwhile Bapak has been extremely busy with his huge number of guests who have come to visit him for clarification of the ongoing program.

Bapak, or MR. Sino, King of Kings never influences any parties in order to trust him, let alone commits the so-called scam alleged against him. He smiles when allegations is thrown at him. He is aware of who is against him but he does not take his revenge on them. He loves all and casts his bread upon the waters.  Back in 2013 even up to 2105, those who disbelieved made negative statements about him and circulated them in the internet. Bapak knows this and regards it as trivial. Those negative statements do not make him step backward in fear. He has even moved forward in full spirit to achieve his goal to free humanity.

His promises not being tangible yet do not mean his being a liar. Swissindo is not about one country; it involves 253 or more countries. If you think you want prosperity for all -- no more slavery and usury systems, please do pray that this dream will come true


Saturday, July 23, 2016

DBLC Socialization in West Bekasi

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DBLC  Team members  headed by Joko Widodo continued their socialization work  to another village named  Kota Baru, West Bekasi. The socialization meeting was held in one of the residents’ house attended by almost 50 participants, most of whom are farmers and private employees.

Joko Widodo, the team leader explained not only about DBLC but also  all programs of Payment 1-11 including Venus Project.  He said all participants were very enthusiastic about Swissiindo Mission,which they have never heard before.

A lot of questions were also asked regarding how Swissindo came into existance. What they were all interested in knowing more was about Human Obligation and DBLC. “I was able to answer all the questions, bro,” he said to Exploring-lampung, “Our next DBLC Socialization meeting will be in a big private company in Cikarang City, West Java, where I used to teach Karate. Thank God, some of my students still work there. So, they have promised to arrange everything required for this socialization.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

DBLC Socialization held in Telaga Jaya and Telaga Bambu Villages

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DBLC Team will never ever give up socializing Debt Burden Liberation Certificate issued by UN Swissindo International Orbit. Yesterday, July 21st, 2016 DBLC Socializing Team of Jakarta headed by Joko Widodo entered two villages named Telaga Jaya and Telaga Bambu not far from Gabus village, Bekasi Regency, West Java, Indonesia. The village communities are not very much different to  Gabus in terms of social attitude and behavior – unwilling to accept positive changes and new visitors. Joko Widodo, whose intercommunication as a 9th Dan  and a Black belt holder  does not consider it as a barrier to peacefully talk to the leader of the communities in both villages.
“They are still rather primitive but we were able to get along well with them. Some of them seemed to understand our mission, while some others looked at us in bewilderment. That’s normal, especially most of them did not attend school at all. We have our own way to make them understand and finally they got the message and promised to fully support Swissindo,” explained Mazbrow Joko Widodo.

“As officers of Swissindo, we must keep on smiling and make an all-out effort to bring Heaven on Earth into reality. We must be well united despite the fact that we are different in culture but under the same Grand Umbrella of the world,” he said, shaking with everyone at the socialization meeting.

DBLC Socialization inWest Bekasi, Indonesia

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Swissindo Team of Jakarta Enters Gabus Village, Bekasi

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SOE Swissindo Team in Jakarta succeeded in socializing DBLC in Gabus village, Tarumajaya District, Bekasi Regency, West Java. The village is seldom visited due to the villagers' unwillingness to accept visitors.  Swissindo Team leader, Joko Widodo who happens to be a blackbelt, 9th Dan holder of Karatedo Kyoku Shinkai successfully entered the village area. He and his team members met Ne'an Yanto, one of the most respected residents, and managed to introduce his team and explained the purpose of their visit. Mr. Joko W and his team members later discussed and explained what Swissindo Mission was all about, especially regarding DBLC, which he shared with them. Although Ne'an Yanto and his friends are considered criminals, they show good sides of their behavior allowing Swissindo team to introduce Swissindo Mission to free humanity.

All in all, they are willing to support Swissindo. "These people are mostly hitmen and some work as guards. They never accept any changes proposed by the village head nor will they accept any new comers. Thank God, they are happy to allow Swissindo Team to meet the residents," explained Mr. Joko Widodo, who is in Honorary Council of UN GSE.