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Friday, September 30, 2016

Mass Supplication for Swissindo's Success

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Mass supplication was performed at Bapak's younger sister-in-law domiciled in Lampung. Over 200 invitees, most of whom are from Islamic schools, and the rest of them are Swissindo members.
The supplication started from 20:00 - 22:00 pm West Indonesia Time Zone.

The purpose of the mass suplication was to ask  Almighty Allah to protect October 16th 2016 event at the Supreme Court Office in Jakarta. The more people, especially those who are close to Almighty Allah, the easier the prayer will be heard.

It is highly expected that Swissindo members from other provinces and other countries will do the same.

The acclamation event is drawing in, and more and more Swissindo teams are getting excited and cannot wait for such phenomenal and unforgettable moment. Thousands of us from almost provinces are expected to flood the M.A Office. Honorable Apri said that not all members can enter the hall but upon the acclamation inside the building, the acclamation will be continued at Monas Monument, which is a short distance from M.A office.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Official Announcement by Swissindo Dated October 16th, 2016

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October 16th, 2016 will be the official declaration day for UN Swissindo as M1 will announce publicly at the Supreme Court Office Debt Relief Program for the People of Indonesia, members of National Army and Police and also the plan to give Voucher M1 Master bond worth US$1,200 for adults and US$600 for children below 17 years of age.

According to UN Swissindo's Advocate, that the official declaration should have been announced by President of Indonesia on the sixteen day of August 2016 but it was not well responded. It is hoped that the planned declaration would not miss.

Meanwhile, the socialization of DBLC has been intensified in some provinces like South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, East Kalimantan, Bangka Belitung and more. Some have welcome the DBLC program, while some others looked down on it as the mission impossible or they called it to be too good to be true. It is reasonable for them to say so as they know exactly this grand divine Mission.

UN Swissindo advocate added that during the DBLC socialization, there are pros and cons. It has been for the last 3 days, heads of banks and leasing companies have rung him up to ask for the clarification about DBLC as they have been flooded with DBLC documents, which forced them to think positively about the existance of Swissindo, especially regarding the debt relief for the people of Indonesia. "After they got information from me," said the advocate, "they were taken aback with various responses. The head of a bank branch office in Kediri intended to mobilize his customers to stage a demo at Central Office of BI in Jakarta, while other branch offices in Cilacap were scared to death upon hearing 100-year imprisonment if they are against UN Swissindo Mission," explained the advocate in his facebook status.

BI challanged to sign an affidavit

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

UN Swissindo's Debt Relief Demonstration Leader Asks BI to Sign an Affidavit

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From the  demo on the first through the third day, we haven't got what we want. We will continue  our demonstration tomorrow on Thursday till Friday as per our request for demo submitted to the district police.
We just want to demand that BI answer whether or not our certificate was issued by BI. yes or not BI has to state it in an affidavit with full name, title, signature and stamped by BI. That’ all. We won't stage a demo anymore. we will meet in a court of law. Is it criminal case or civil case?, this will be determined by the court whether the certificate owned by swissindo is legitimate or issued by BI. Verbal statement is not acceptable no matter who made the statement, BI or the police. Well, it's clear  here  that 6 accounts are written  in such banks as Mandiri, BNI,,Bri and private banks, which robbed BI's loan to private banks suffering from liquidity issue):  bca,danamon dan cimb,lippo group. All of these private banks have stolen the liquidity fund according to Harris Baginda, the spokeman.

 If our documents are not true or illegal, state it in a piece of affidavit. He shouldn't have made statements in the media. We will all meet at a court hearing because our country is a lawful state. We also have submitted our documents to the police and also to all parties. If the seal and stamp and signature of the Supreme Court are fake, go and check on it and carry out forensic examination. How come forensic evidence could be found on Jesica's case? You  cannot wear blinkers in this case. Explained Harris.

no matter who did it whether police,head of OJK or head of Piarlement . all issues should go through
the court hearing. . This is a lawful state. The law is the commander-in chief in our country.And those
who don't acknowledge the law of NKRI are considered to have committed a new style of crime related to
the crime done by Communist Party members. This is our beloved country.

Then the Secretary of un swisssindo sulsel said that on Fajar newspaper page 10, it was stated that
swissnod was a swindler. This was stated by tirta segara, a public official. If I may ask who has
swissindo swindled? Who has swissindo caused to suffer from a loss? Has this public official formed a
fact-finding team? this is against presumption of innocence.  The statement in Fajar Newspaper was made
a public official, an executive director of BI - not by a parking attendant or fried banana seller.
Actually, we don't want to stage a demo anymore but since Un Swissindo was accused of being a swindler
here in today's Fajar newspaper, we came back to ask for the responsibility of a public official who made this statement.

Laceni head of DBLc member statements about Mr. Anton, the local police head. if he is gentlemen as Chief of local police, summon me or arrest me if he’s gentleman in order to avoid clashes in the community. If this is fake or not legal, do conduct forensic examination, I challanged him to go to Jakarta together us -- to State Police Headquarter, then we will go  to the Supreme Court office. There we will see who is right who is wrong. All traveling cost said Harris Baginda will be borne by unswissindo South sulawesi. If the Supreme Court  think Swissindo is a swindler, then we will handle the case to International law in Denhaag.
Swissindo is for many countries in the world. Swissindo was initially established by
25 parent countries, as parent banks, parent army and, an official holder of BI's certificates and

world bank, “ added Mr. Laceni.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

UN Swissindo Stages Peace Demonstration at BI office

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Un Swissindo, urged BI to sign an affidavit, UN Swissindo's legality
This photo is the property of Komando
Plus News paper
 It’s already been the second time that Un Swissindo Team for South Sulawesi has denounced director of BI for South Sulawesi to the local police. The first denunciation was submitted on August 8th, 2016 regarding clarification and confirmation of DBLC document, the process of which has not yet been informed to Un Swissindo. The second denunciation letter was submitted on September 1st, 2016 following BI vice director’s verbal statement saying that UN Swissindo is fraudulent and its documents are false and illegal.
Peace Demonstration on the fourth day was also being staged at BI office on September 1st, 2016 urging BI officials in charge to sign an affidavit, which has already been adequately sealed and should be stamped by BI upon the affidavit signing.

BI high ranking officials In South Sulawesi only responded Swissindo’s demand through media saying that Swissindo is fraudulent and all documents submitted are illegal.

BI high ranking official’s verbal statement in the media has triggered a challenge from UN Swissindo to BI director to legitimate his statement in a form of an adequately sealed and stamped written statement so that it will become an official statement that has legal value as a reference. However, BI director has not responded.

 “Only after the adequately sealed affidavit prepared by un swissindo been signed and stamped by BI director can this problem be resolved. Tell us the truth and no lies, we will stop this demo accordingly” explained Haris Baginda.

Previously, BI director for South Sulawesi, Didi Ariyadi, who was met by UN Swissindo representative who submitted a letter of clarification and verification of DBLC document on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016, admitted that the existence of swissindo was new to him.

Head of National Commission of State Apparatus of the republic of Indonesia, Sjaffry Sjamsuddin who appeared at the demo scene on the fourth day said that Swissindo’s official letter sent to Bi should be responded officially as well.

He admitted that he would support BI director if the official written statement regarding Un Swissindo’s legality is signed in order that the issue can then be resolved.

As regard to Un Swissindo having denounced BI officials to the police, Sjaffry Sjamsuddin also stated that he would urge the police to respond the denunciation letter by taking into account the regulation issued by the State police No.12 Year 2009 re: Supervision and Control of Criminal Cases.
For your information, he added that the regulation mentioned above is set forth under Paragraph 39 Articl 1, which says “In the case of assuring accountability and transparency of investigation, the police shall submit Notice of Investigation Progress to the plaintiff at least once in a month.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

UN Swissindo Joins Independence Day Procession in Bangka Belitung

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[Bangka Belitung, August 21st, 2016]
The commemoration of   August 17th the Republic of Indonesia's Independance Day, performed in Bangka Belitung on August 21st, 2016 was spectacular as UN Swissindo participated in the Indonesian Independence Day Procession. The procession was joined by almost governmental  and private institutions including the DBLC team for Bangka Belitung headed by Mr. Iskandar Lalo.

The DBLC team members in red uniforms looked gorgeous and made the procession more convivial. They were all parading in the cars with Swissindo banners attached on  each car. And the rest of the DBLC team members were parading by their motorcycles.
“This is the best opportunity to introduce UN Swissindo to the community of Bangka Belitung.  We don’t want to pass it up. Everyone will be getting together in the parade. We do hope  that dblc document will be spread very quickly, “ said Mr. Iskandar Lalo before the procession started.
At the finish line of the parade, all the participants got together, and Mr. Lalo stepped forward to submit the DBLC document to the committee of Independence day Commemoration.