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Sunday, August 21, 2016

UN Swissindo Joins Independence Day Procession in Bangka Belitung

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[Bangka Belitung, August 21st, 2016]
The commemoration of   August 17th the Republic of Indonesia's Independance Day, performed in Bangka Belitung on August 21st, 2016 was spectacular as UN Swissindo participated in the Indonesian Independence Day Procession. The procession was joined by almost governmental  and private institutions including the DBLC team for Bangka Belitung headed by Mr. Iskandar Lalo.

The DBLC team members in red uniforms looked gorgeous and made the procession more convivial. They were all parading in the cars with Swissindo banners attached on  each car. And the rest of the DBLC team members were parading by their motorcycles.
“This is the best opportunity to introduce UN Swissindo to the community of Bangka Belitung.  We don’t want to pass it up. Everyone will be getting together in the parade. We do hope  that dblc document will be spread very quickly, “ said Mr. Iskandar Lalo before the procession started.
At the finish line of the parade, all the participants got together, and Mr. Lalo stepped forward to submit the DBLC document to the committee of Independence day Commemoration.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

71th Indonesia's Independence Day Celebration

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As we all know that Swissindo was not included in the speech. The good point was when the president mentioned about the achievement made by The Supreme Court in carrying out their duty. Most parts mentioned in the speech were in regard to the internal matters of the government: achievement made during Jokowi's presidency and challenges having to be faced in the coming year of 2017. In the financial note, one of the things he mentioned was about the expectation, especially the effort to make government debt ratio to be in the safe zone.

The first session was closed with the prayer led by a member of commission 3 from Gerindra Political Party Syafi’i, which was considered by many people to be a spectacular prayer reading that cornered the president. There was no instruction from his political party, which is in fact the president's opposition party.

The prayer reading was made without text. It came up straight from his mind. He was asked several times if the prayer reading would be based on text, and he said no.

"The content of the prayer was reflected from freedom. This is related to inner and current situation felt by the people, isn't it,' he asked. The some points in his prayer were that we, the people wanted improvement in this country, he said. It seemed to him that many governmental officials were made to be at enemy with the people, whereas the officials' duty and responsibility is to be side by side with the people to protect them. This government should give benefit to the people not to take benefit from the people. And the power of Law is only imposed to the people not applied to the governmental officials who have authority. Many people have faced eviction from their home and are at their wits end where to go. the people of Indonesia want honest leaders- not those who are arbitrary and cruel, and make empty promises. Oh God, do protect the people. They do not know anything; they entrust the control of the state government to the selected governmental officers. God, if there are those who want to repent yaa Allah accept their repentance.

But if they will not repent, replace them with better leaders of this country o All Mighty God
Mr. Syafei, who read out the prayer, realized that the content of his prayer was full of sharp critics.
He said he was ready to take any consequences as a result of the prayer reading he made at the closing of the first session of the presidential speech.

And on the eve of August 17, 2016, 71st Independence Day Celebration was being held at Caraka, Home of M1. The celebration was enlivened with firecrackers and beautiful firework.

Indo Team and supporters from several provinces got together to attentively listen to Bapak's comment regarding the presidential speech. According to Mr.Refdi, one of HO Formulation Team Members, who was there at the gathering, said that Bapak explained that Debt burden liberation would soon be realized. Basically, the government has agreed to the DBLC. As regard to the presidential speech, Bapak said the message was there implicit in the speech.

Friday, August 12, 2016

World Acquisiton Starts From Indonesia

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This is the translation from Wong Apri's facebook page dated August 12, 2016 as follows:

The ratification of SPRIN NO.UN-81704/009 M1 Indonesia's Supreme Court (LTN), Swissindo World Trust
International Orbit (LTTN), Neo The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth (LTTB)re: World Acquisition starting from Indonesia, considering we have lost 3 (three) islands and the possible loss of 3(three) banks (BNI-BRI-MANDIRI) will probably follow suit. Then, through the finance ministry of the Republic of Indonesia SPRIN NO 81704 M1 dated 1 August 2016, Swissindo World Trust International Orbit (LTTN) Neo The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth (LTTB) will absolutely acquire the 6 prime banks including Bank of Indonesia as per general management merger authority for the simple reason that Bank of Indonesia is deemed to have failed to maintain the stability of exchange rate, in which the Rupiah value has downed more than 3500% since the era of the second president of Indonesia until now (2106).

UN-SWISSINDO's Instruction dated February 8th, 2016 to Secretary General of UNO Mr. Ban Ki Moon, SPRIN NO. UN-81704/009 M1 and to President of World Bank Group Mr. Jim yong Kim dated July 1st, 2016. Then, as per the announcement dated August 4th, 2016 re: World Bank, UN-SWISSINDO ratified The World Bank Ratu Mas Kencana Room A1-1A, on the changed status of 6 prime banks (BCA-BNI-BRI-MANDIRI-DANAMON-LIPPO BANK/CIMB-NIAGA), as the New World Central Bank by the name of THE WORLD BANK RATU MAS KENCANA ROOM A1-1A, which will be built in 3 locations: in Cirebon (World level), Lao P.D.R (Asian Continent), and Pancoran-Jakarta (for Indonesia).

Exhibit's AB the Holder and Owner of World Single Currency License, has ratified and issued the first world currency called 'ETWO' /'DIRHAM MAS' a part of the responsibility of Billion Bank Transaction UBS-UNPRI by UN-SWISSINDO as per SPRIN mentioned above.

The Sole Consulting Contractor accepted and ratified new design and accepted an appointment letter of  the Consultant and Main Contractor of Construction Project THE WORLD BANK RATU MAS KENCANA ROOM A1-1A as a symbol of transition lineage of regulation system of the world currency, General Landlord Owner

Authority, Owner State M1

71st Indonesia's Independence Day

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DBLC Team for South Sulawesi Urge BI and OJK reveal the truth

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Reputation of UN Swissindo defamed by individuals of BI and OJK made La Ceni Kalean as UN Swissindo coordinator for South Sulawesi officially report the defamation to the police. The individuals circulated information to the people saying that UN Swissindo is an illegal organization. In addition to that, they made doodles on the circulated DBLC documents and kept telling the people in the community that the documents related to DBLC were false and illegal.
La Ceni Kalean also told the police that the BI and OJK have not followed up what they had requested by informing the people that UNSwissindo has prepared the fund in six prime banks to pay off the debt of the people of Indonesia. The fund in the 6 prime banks is worth US $ 6.1 trillion in the following accounts:

-          Account Number 5625534534 (BCA),
-          Account Number 9930884433 (Bank Danamon ),
-          Account Number 903988487 (Bank Mandiri),
-          Account Number 2817265352 (BNI),
-          Account Number 23,413,273,663 (BRI),
-          Account Number 2342998377 (Bank Lippo GROUP)

That is according to Safe Keeping Receipt Number: 0126 / BI-SKR / XI / 2012.
BI and OJK being silent in this case indeed have caused unrest in society. They should have announced it to the people that Swissindo's fund has been set aside for the debt settlement of the Indonesian people. Thus the public will get the assurance of the actual news.
After their visit to the police office, Mr. La Ceni Kalean and his team members continued a peace demonstration to BCA and Danamon Banks. In this demo, La Ceni reaffirmed that  UN Swissindo has already repaid all the debts that accrued till February 4th, 2016.
In response to the peace demonstration, the bank managers explained that repayment of the debt shall be made as per the agreement signed by both parties.

Regarding the bank managers mentioned above, La Ceni Kalean justified the statement but he stressed that DBLC was a special case and he requested that the bank managers coordinate with higher levels of banking institution.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Statement Made by M1 re: Welcome this Grand Freedom Days for All

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On M1's facebook page dated August 4th, 2016, Honorable Bapak stated the followings:

ROYAL, K.681 M1

Our sincere thanks go to:
High State Institution: the Supreme Court of Indonesia, and the Government of Indonesia, together with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia and all governmental officials and the People of Indonesia, who have been patient in awaiting the true changes, and understanding that the highest sovereignty is on the hands of the people.
Thank to the created stigma, various kinds of tricks of management issues, the fighting for life amid bankrupt countries, Debts strangling the necks of all parties and this is the time for us to understand and start it, so it is obligatory for us to end this Global crisis, which has engulfed all countries.
The World acquisition shall start from Indonesia through DBLC, and VOUCHER M1 Programs for High State Institution and the People of Indonesia, which is a part of P1-11 Program, BI-State Program of 1941, Washington D.C USA, covering The Venus Project of the Future City in 34 provinces and 253-357 world countries.
The Answer and World Challenge as per the Declaration of Transaction and has been accepted as a form of accountability of 12 world portals encompassing 148 Nusantara Kingdoms (128 Kingdoms in the World), and 25 Parent Countries.
I thank all NKRI 17-8-1945 / 2016 officials, who have made all-out efforts to muffle all conflicts in all lines  and here we have gathered again to build a better world for the freedom of all nations and states as per UUD 1945 Preamble
Perspective and New Paradigm in a level of vertical and horizontal constellation with all Universe Dimension, I hereby convey: “Please welcome real freedom days for all beings.
1001% Grand Freedom


World Acquisiton