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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lampung Tribal Language: Where is it widely spoken?

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When you visit Bandung or Palembang, you will see or hear people speaking their own local languages, especially when you visit traditional markets. This is different from Bandar Lampung, where Indonesian language is spoken, even in some traditional markets, Javanese language is used for daily communication.

Lampung tribal language should be used as Bandar Lampung is a city of Lampung tribe. This can be understood, however, because Bandar Lampung city is dominated by mostly Javanese people, Sundanese and even Balinese communities. The other tribes that live here are Minangkabau, Bugis and people coming from South Sumatera.

Bandar Lampung is often considered as Mini Indonesia due to its diversity of Indonesia tribes. Remember there are over 25 local languages spoken throughout Indonesian islands. Indonesia language is mostly understood wherever you are in Indonesia.

In Bandar Lampung, Sundanese people usually flock together. So does Balinese people. Javanese people do not flock together. Instead, they mingle together with the other tribes.
Lampung Tribes live in Lampung Regencies of Tanggamus, Tulang Bawang, Krui, Kotabumi and many more. These are regencies, where Lampung tribal language is widely spoken.

Will Bandar Lampung be one of Tourist Destination Cities?

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Bandar Lampung is a capital city of Lampung province, which was once visited by Canadian, American, Australian and British people due to construction work to be supervised by them. Canadian expatriates working for coal mining company located in Panjang district stayed for over 5 years. Lampung Irrigation Project, or precisely North Punggur Irrigation Project was funded (granted) by European Community. This project lasted almost 10 years. If not because of the project, none of them would have ever thought of visiting.

Now things have changed a lot. Most areas have been developed to become places of interest that is expected to attract foreign visitors. One of the places is Tanjung Setia beach, which foreign visitors have often come to surf. Other beaches, which are mostly located in Bandar Lampung, have not been able to attract foreign visitors yet. If compared to Bali’s beaches, the beaches in Lampung still leaves much to be desired that can be compared to those in Bali. Lampung bay may be able to win over foreign visitors but there will be a lot to be done. The local residents living along the beaches shall first be moved, which will certainly cost huge amount of money, to say nothing of construction work. However, if the local government is serious about making Bandar Lampung one of the best tourist destination, this will certainly be possible.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Balong Kuring Resort in Pringsewu Regency, Lampung Province

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Restaurant as well as a comfortable Hotel for visitors of Pringsewu Regency. Located on Jl. A Yani in Pringsewu. 24-hour service and varied types of 31 rooms. Huge facilities are provided as follows:
-          Well protected large car parking, restaurant, meeting room with a projector, separate smoking area, AC for all rooms, ATM/banking, hair salon and supermarket and many more. Should you wish to travel around, we can arrange a rental car for your convenience.

Room rates are within affordable price starting from Rp.250,000.—
Enjoy your stay after touring around Pringsewu.

Be sure you are legally married couple if you happen to be with your female or male friend. Presenting your valid ID card is vital at the check in counter.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Tanjung Senang District Bandar Lampung

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Tanjung Senang is now a district. It used to be one of the villages under the district of Kedaton, Bandar Lampung. Under Tanjung Senang District are villages of Labuhan dalam (Post Code 35142), Pematang Wangi (Post Code 35141), Perumnas Way Kandis (Post Code 35141), Tanjung Senang (Post Code 35141) and Way Kandis (Post Code 35143).

In the north, the district of Tanjung Senang borders on Rajabasa District and South Lampung Regency. In the south, it borders on the District of Labuhan Ratu, of Way Halim, and of Sukarame. In the west, it borders on Rajabasa District, and in the east, it borders on South Lampung Regency. Tanjung Senang District has population of 39, 032.

The main road of this district is Jl. Ratu Dibalau that stretching from Way Halim area to the road that goes to Karang Anyar,  which is one of the villages under Tanjung Bintang District, South Lampung.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tanjung Bintang District

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Tanjung Bintang is a district established in 1954. At the beginning, it was a part of Gedung Wangi Forest, Natar District. the harsh condition made settlers of Tanjung Bintang leave the area and decided to go back to where they came from. Years later the local government decided to develop the area of districts, which made Tanjung Bintang fall into one of Tanjung Senang's villages. And 1982, it was officially established as a District with Desa jati Baru as the capital city.

Most people work as farmers, either they work on their own farm or for someone else or for companies that exist in the district. Tanjung Bintang is also famous for its sand used for building. Although it is in South Lampung, Lampung Province, most people living there are Javanese people, and the most widely spoken language is Javanese.

Tanjung Bintang is located 17.8 km east of the city of Bandar Lampung or approximately 37 minutes by car. There is not much to see here but plantations and rice fields. The total area of this district is 129.72 Km2, consisting of  16 villages.