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Thursday, July 20, 2017

HNP Law Office and Partners Urges OJK to be professional

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UN Swissindo
Ragamlampung.com – Advocate of HNP Law Office and Partners in Lampung questions the circulation letter issued by Finance Service Authority (OJK) who mentioned that UN Swissindo was an illegal prohibited Finance Service Institution.
Hendra Zaputra, S.H.,C.L.A. of HNP Law Office and Partners emphasized that the form of OJK's vision and mission was to protect the interest of customers and community; while UN Swissindo is not an investment financing at all.
According to Hendra, UN Swissindo principally aims to fight for the welfare of the people and civilized social justice for all through DBLC program and Voucher M1 for all having ID-cards and last but not least is to carry out The Venus Project in 34 provinces and the world. UNS is ready to synergize in supporting the Government's policy to manifest better People's Economy and Welfare Equity of the people in 34 provinces.
"Based on the news being circulated in the communities of 34 provinces in Indonesia, the people feel restless and have objection to the circulation letter. The chances are high that adverse things may crop up. We deeply regret that OJK, which is a finance service authority for banking institutions, had issued such a circulation letter stating the danger of Swissindo existence without requesting UNS to clarify it," confirmed Hendra accompanied by three of his partners: advocate Putu Hendrayana,S.H.,MH, advocate Novrizal, S.H., and advocate Indra Jaya,S.H..
Hendra also said that OJK's action was not in accordance with the principle of presumption of innocence.
According to Amrizal accompanied by Syahrudin and Frengky as citizens of Indonesia, UNS is highly expected in the middle of community. The people are very happy for their poor financial condition under very difficult situation (daily food and clothing, education fees, and other cost of living have been rocketing.) is solved by UN Swissindo Program.
"Based on the above mentioned matter, we request that Finance Service Authority invite HM.MR.A1.SINO.AS.S”2”.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.H.W.ST.M1, members of Indonesian National Army,Police, and representatives of 6 Prime Banks immediately to sit together so that the people will obtain legal certainty," said Fanky.
Based on Act No.14/2008: Article 14 regarding Public information disclosure states that "Everyone is entitled to see and know Public Information; attend public open meetings held for the public in order they obtain Public Information and copies of Public Information through their request as per this Act; spread the Public Information according to the Regulations and Law.
Every requester of Public Information is entitled to file lawsuits to the court in the event that they are obstructed or fail in obtaining the information as per the Provisions under this Act.
In Article 52: Public Institutions, which intentionally does not provide, not give, and/or not issue periodic Public Information, immediate Public Information, and Public Information that is to be available any time, and/or Public Information that should be given on request as per this Act, and if such institutions cause loss to other people, they shall be charged with imprisonment not more than 1 year and/or charged with a fine of 5.000,000 IDR.
"That we have submitted a request through investment watch task force to facilitate settlement of on-going issue in the community by presenting all parties as we mentioned above," added Hendra.

The request he submitted was also with cc to President of the Republic of Indonesia, Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly, Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Head of Supreme Court, Head of National Police as well as Commander of the Indonesian National Army (TNI)


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Basic Income for All Starts from Indonesia

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Basic Income for All Starts from Indonesia

UNS Voucher M1 was released May 10th, 2017 pending M1’s instruction at the time. Now, the good news has arrived for all that Basic Income for all around the world is to start on August 2017. This is a follow-up of the release of Voucher M1.

Everyone is expected to prepare the voucher they have received from UNS’s volunteers and to take it to the appointed banks as soon as the banks are ready. With their VM1, they can claim the Voucher value or their new bank accounts shall be registered to receive the fund. The progress is underway and we are all expected to push the government and the banks to realize the program.
Prime Minister of Finance and Banking, Hon. Ani Forest stated in Linggacala’s WhatsApp group that all Indonesian citizens should support Voucher M1 Program as the other people  in five Continents have.
“What are you waiting for? All documents are legitimate. The President has been informed of this program, so have Bank Mandiri, Ambassadors of 25 parent countries, UBS, World Bank, and Bank of Indonesia.

UN Swissindo Voucher M1
The more people support this Voucher M1 program, the faster the program will be realized.


Friday, June 9, 2017

UNS Response to the News Issued by Tribun Lampung

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UNS Prime Minister

UNS Response to the News Issued by Tribun Lampung

Responding to the news about UN Swissindo being illegal, Prime Minister of National and International Objectives, Mr. Hananto explained the followings:
 The local government officials lack understanding as regard to the status of UN Swissindo as the Highest Institution of the Highest Institutions in any countries. Therefore, obtaining permission to distribute VM1 is not necessary except when an event is held by UN Swissindo.
OJK has always wanted to discredit the presence of UN Swissindo by means of circulating information on UN Swissindo being illegal.

Jap  Fanky
Jap Fanky: UNS Officer
Jack Fanky also responded as follows:
If UN Swissindo is illegal, why did the government not stop it? Why is UN Swissindo getting more and more supporters both in Indonesia and abroad? UN Swissindo has never been registered in the Ministry of Law and Human Right. Still, UNS still exists without any problems. We all know that our country has regulation/Act regarding establishment of any groups, institutions and so forth. No institutions are allowed to be established without permission from the Ministry of Law and Human Right.
The government has been silent, while UNS keeps developing into all corners of provinces and abroad. UNS has used seal of the Republic of Indonesia and seal of United Nations Organization but there are no actions from the Central Government and United Nations Organization regarding the use of their seals. Think about it.
And if UN Swissindo is a deviant institution, why do religious leaders in the country keep silent? Why doesn’t an Islamic leader issue fatwa? Swissindo has adopted the name of Imam Mahdi but the Islamic leader doesn’t say anything about it.
Only those with full understanding of UNS will persevere in their all out effort to fight for UN Swissindo.

Investigate it more deeply. Check and crosscheck the data by meeting high ranking leaders of UNS, leaders of the highest institutions or if necessary you can meet high ranking officials of United Nation Organization (UNO).

Local Government of Pringsewu says UN Swissindo is illegal

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Prinsewu Regent States Swissindo is illegal
Meeting held in Prinsewu Regency Regarding Swissindo

Local Government of Pringsewu says UN Swissindo is illegal

Reported by R Didik Budiawan Tribun Lampung
TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, PRINGSEWU – The local government of Pringsewu stated that UN Swissindo was illegal and the community was asked not to trust it. That was the result of the meeting held by the local government of Pringsewu as regard to the existence of UN Swissindo in Bumi Jejama Secancanan.
Head of Office of Nation and Politics Unity (Kesbangpol) of Pringsewu Regency, Ibnu Harjiyanto said that the meeting that was held was related to UN Swissindo. The meeting was held in the hall of Pringsewu Regent, Monday (5/6).
The meeting was attended by Vice Regent of Prinsewu, Mr. Fauzi, Secretary of Pringsewu Regency, Mr. Budiman PM, as well as elements of leadership from all Districts, and a number of UNS volunteers. A representative of OJK of Lampung Province Mr. Milado Poni also attended the meeting.
“The existence of UN Swissindo in Pringsewu Regency is illegal, and as regard to this, Circulation Letter will be issued to the community in order that they will not trust Swissindo,” said Ibnu on Monday.

In the meeting, the Secretary of Pringsewu Regency Mr. Budiman said that UN Swissindo had a program to distribute Voucher M1 to the community who have e-KTP.
Members of the Community who have got the voucher will be able to cash the voucher and ATM cards will be given to them. The ATM will then be used to draw the fund amounting to US$1,200 and US$600 every month.
Mr. Budiman added that the people who wanted to have voucher M1 are obliged to pay Rp.10,000 / voucher and submit a copy of their KTP and  a 3x4 photograph to be attached on the voucher.
 “UN Swissindo has already recruited 3,000 – 4,000 members in Prinsewu Regency,” explained Ibnu.

Reference: Tribun Lampung (Translated)


Saturday, May 13, 2017

This is what Yunasril said about OJK and UN Swissindo

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UN Swissindo's Advocate

This is what Yunasril said about OJK and UN Swissindo

Having read OJK (Finance Service Authority)’ circulation letter, I presume that OJK has hurt people’s feeling. It should be understood that:
1.       UN Swissindo as the highest institution of the highest institutions having logos of United Nations Organization, and of World Bank can only be verified by institutions of international caliber or at least one level higher than any states.

2.       UN Swissindo has only informed the State (especially NKRI) as a member of United Nations Organization of its Debt Relief Program (DBLC), not Finance Service Authority and Police. Accordingly, the Government is obliged to respond whether or not DBLC program will be accepted or rejected. The Government’s response will create legal certainty, public transparency, and public interest.

3.       That the people’s right to access information on DBLC published in print media and broadcast on TVRI and RRI (Radio of the Republic of Indonesia) fulfills formal and material truth conditions and the fact that there has been no definite remedy has resulted in the people being given public information as per Article 4 of the Act No.14 of 2008 concerning Public Transparency.

4.       The notification published by OJK that DBLC is not in accordance with banking mechanism regarding debt settlement has indeed cornered  UN Swissindo in its effort to free humanity. People’s debt settlement that is said to be only resolved through banking mechanism is premature and presumptuous statement considering that the people will definitely be happy that their debt is fully repaid. As long as the notification by OJK is not made by virtue of applicable law in Indonesia, then such notification falls within the category of misleading information or public deception.

5.       The fact that the people have accepted DBLC is due to their right to have their debt relieved and their fighting for is still legally right -- they submitted DBLC together with accompanying documents to the banks or leasing companies in the hope that the banks or leasing companies will follow up fairly instead of involving police institutions, which finally showed uncertainty in addressing the problem and without their realizing it, it made the situation worsen.

6.       Conclusion :
·         A meeting should be hold between UN Swissindo and an Institution representing the Government in front of the people involving print and electronic media;
·         The people or members of community are not guilty and should have been protected instead of having been threatened;
·         Firmly prove it to the public that the Government is ready to take risk if there is misappropriation or embezzlement of Swissindo's fund committed by Public officials;
·         As per the Act concerning transparency of public information and Act No.8 of 1999 concerning Protection of Consumers that every individual of the society is entitled to obtain true information and receive public service from government officials including legal protection from the police;
·         Please read it carefully that DBLC is for the people including the police, members of arm forces, and civil servants, and even the government's debt is also relieved;
·         Those who have responded negatively should realize that they should have helped the communities by supporting UN Swissindo Program, i.e. by pushing the government to immediately hold a meeting with UN Swissindo.

Written and Composed by

 Yunasril Yuzar SH, Advocate of UN Swissindo on March 31st, 2017 at 01:41 West Indonesian Time Zone.