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Monday, December 8, 2014

Lampung Bay--Beaches in Urban Areas

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beaches of Lampung bay
The beaches along Panjang and Teluk Lampung are inhabited by residents. If you look at them closely, you will see heaps of rubbish scattered along the beach. If only the beaches were managed well, and changed into white sandy beaches, they would be very potential assets for the local govenment to attract foreign visitors. It would also be possible for Bandar Lampung to have the most beautiful bay in Sumatera or even in Indonesia.

visit Lampung, teluk lampung tujuan wisata
Of course, Lampung  Bay beaches located in remote areas are beautiful for the simple reason that the coastal areas are far from settlement. However, if the coastal areas in urban areas (as in Panjang and Telukbetung) are changed to become a center of tourism, won't it be much better?  It won't be that easy, to be sure.  There are several things to take into account  carefully.
First,  settlement relocation will cost a lot of money. Secondly, the residents living in the coastal areas may reject to be moved out of the area.

The local government officials should also set target and aim of changing the urban coastal areas into a center of tourist resort having  white sandy beaches. Will  significant physical changes of the coastal areas make foreign tourists fall for them?

Comparison study concerning this matter should be done by tourism agency of Bandar Lampung City. Find out why Kuta beach has become the destination of foreign visitors from around the world. Is it due to its beautiful beach or tourism management? 

 Lampung  Bay is actually better than Kuta Beach because its location can be viewed clearly from the top of the hills that surround it. It would certainly be a lot better if the urban coastal areas were already changed into white sandy beaches, making it plus value for the Local Government in tourism sector.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Pasaran Island (Pulau Pasaran)

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foto milik: www.lampung.tribunnews.com
Pulau Pasaran (Market Island) located approximately 1 km from Kota Karang East Telukbetung is a small island only reachable by boat. Pulau Pasaran has an area of 12 hectares with a population of about 200 families. The main activity in Pulau Pasaran is the selling of dry salty fish produced by people living there. Many residents of Telukbetung area visit Pulau Pasaran to buy salty fish.

In Pulau Pasaran, there are hardly any trees, so it gets pretty warm in the day time. It is said that Pulau Pasaran was once inhabited only by a few families in 1970s. At the beginning, the island had only an area of 3 hectares, and the size had increased to the size of 14 hectares. And the population had also doubled since 1988 due to Gudang Lelang fishing market was on fire resulting in many houses being destroyed by fire. Many families had to move to Pulau Pasaran to find a new place.

With the help of Bank Indonesia, Pulau Pasaran now has such facilities as electricity, clean water and health centers. It is hoped that Pulau Pasaran will get more facilities from Local Government. So far, fishermen's boats have been used to transport to and from Pulau Pasaran. There should be better transports in the future.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Pulau Kubur--One of the Small Islands in Bandar Lampung

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Photo credit: Ucup dan Ucok
There are a lot of tourism places in Lampung Provinces. In the city of Bandar Lampung, you can find a small island, which has been visited by many people, especially on weekend or vacation seasons.
This island called Pulau Kubur can be reached only in 20 minutes by speed boat from Purigading Housing Complex, where you can rent a boat. You can also catch a boat from Pulau Pasaran in Telukbetung.

Pulau kubur has an area of 5 hectares. It is said to be one of the beautiful pristine small islands in Lampung. Should you visit the island, you will find several huts, possible built for visitors. No one lives in Kubur Island, so when all visitors have come home, the island becomes very lonely and quiet.

What makes the island very attractive is the scenic view around the island. Visitors can witness beautiful fish along the beach.

If made more attractive in terms of adding more facilities in the island, it will attract not only local visitors but those coming from abroad as well.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Students of Sumatera Institute of Technology Have To Pay High Tuition Fees

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Sumatera institute of technology in Lampung
The I and II Enrollment Cohort Students of Sumatra Institute of Technology who  are currently studying at the Institute of Technology Bandung still have to pay Tuition Fee (cost of implementation of education) amounting to Rp 20 million to Rp 25 million per semester.

Rector of the Institute of Technology of Sumatra (Itera), Ofyar Z Tamin when contacted by Tribun Lampung, Friday (28/11) confirmed that it was true. "It's much higher tuition fees compared to those of other universities  in Lampung. Itera students studying there is still considered as independent ITB students who do not get subsidies," said Ofyar.

As rector was, Ofyar admitted that he was not  able to do much to overcome the problem of high tuition fees born by Itera students.
"Although we have been designated as a State (State University), but the students don't get subsidies from the central government as the original ITB students do," he said.

Another source mentioned that 40 students from Lampung Province got scholarship amounting to 70 million rupiahs. The fund was taken from the local budget. The scholarship was intended for tuition fees and students’ cost of living.
Tribun Lampung and Lampung Post

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Subsidized Fuel Price has been raised to 8,500.--IDR

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parades and demonstrators, public transport drivers go on strike
parade rejecting the rise of fuel
The government of Indonesia has raised the subsidized gasoline from Rp. 6,500.—to Rp8,500.--, which resulted in low to middle level residents complaining about the possible burden they will have to shoulder. 

Today, November 19th, 2014, there have been parades rejecting the rise of subsidized fuel. All public transport running with gasoline are going on strike. Residents who have no vehicles cannot go anywhere or have to find alternative transport to go by.

subsidized fuel price has risen from Rp.6,500 to Rp.8,500
What most people are afraid of is that the effect of raised subsidized fuel will of course spill over to other sectors. The prices of commodities will be influenced, thus creating inflation.

The current situation will also be benefited by  perpetrators suspected to keep commodities and to sell them at very high prices. It is said that the Ministry of Commerce has been working with the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the National Police to prevent perpetrators from doing what they plan to do. Speculators shall be sentenced to heavy punishment if they are found to stockpile the goods.