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Friday, October 28, 2016

Swissindo International Orbit: Imam Mahdi?

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Mr. Sino and Swissindo Indonesia
Post Grand Acclamation held on October 16, 2016 derived various comments, one of which alleged that Swissindo World Trust International Orbit was connected a mission to convert people's belief. According to Joko, one of Crown Council of UN Swissindo, Swissindo Mission has nothing to do with any religious activities. "As you know UN GSE's main Mission is to create abundance and welfare for people around the world, to help countries overcome financial crisis and to construct the Universe with Venus Project. All of these are implementations of Payment 1-11," he explained. 

"DBLC is the first phase of the implementation of P 1-11 and will be followed by Human Obligation, by which the people will receive monthly basic income of US$1,200 per adult and US$600 per student (aged over 17 years)," he added.

The name of Imam Mahdi mostly  found in Swissindo’s documents has also raised questions whether it be connected Imam Mahdi, who, according to www.eramuslim.com,  will come  before the Judgment Day destroys the earth and he will lead Islam believers  out of the dark and tyranny and bring them all into the light of justice and honesty, which will shed light on the universe.

Joko as a member of Crown Council of Swissindo explained that Imam Mahdi within Swissindo World International Trust refers to Banking System or Bank Account and has nothing to do with Imam Mahdi explained in www.eramuslim.com  above. Mr. Joko appealed to the public not to draw a conclusion too quickly by virtue of any names used in Swissindo's document.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Health Benefit of Purple Yam

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benefits of yams for heart attack, stroke an so on
Purple yam or possible sweet potatoes are found in abundance in Indonesia, especially in West Java. In addition to its price being affordability of most people, the fruit is very tasty when boiled and has health benefit of yam, which most people are not aware of.

Purple yams are said to have come from tropical South America but some claimed it came from Papua, which was later debatable as Indian people was believed to have travel to the west through Atlantic Ocean and arrived in Asia to develop purple yams.

According to Alodokter (Halo Doctor), one of the website that informs people of any benefits of fruit that this purple yam has health benefit for curing or preventing cancer, lowering one’s blood pressure, and and has benefits of yams for weight loss. It is rich in antioxidant such as anthocyanin, 

Carotenoids, and phenolic acid. Aladokter states that such antioxidant has the capability to reduce chronic inflammation, which is related to such diseases as stroke and heart attack. Its high chlorogenic acid contained in purple yams can also lower high blood pressure. So, those having high blood pressure are recommended to consume this delicious purple yam. The easiest thing to do is to boil it in water until the pulp gets soft.

It is also believed that one can have the maximum benefit of yam when one eats it with its skin. Of course, one should make sure that the yam should be well cleaned before boiling it.
What is the most important here that anyone needs to know is that the purple yam also contain high chemical compounds of phenol that can prevent aging. Wow!

In Indonesia, this kind of fruit may be overlooked and considered as village fruit and consumed by those who have low income. Most rich people prefer imported fruit such as apples, grapes and so on. In West Java you will find fruit sellers along the road connecting Bogor to Sukabumi.

Post-Grand Acclamation Derives Favorable and Unfavorable Comments

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Post-Grand Acclamation Derives Favorable and Unfavorable comments
[Exploring-lampung] [25-10-16] - The post-Grand Acclamation of Debt Relief and Voucher M1 Distribution Programs conducted in Monas Monument in Jakarta has drawn various comments from the public, a few of which are against Swissindo world Trust International Orbit, while many of which are in for the Mission.

H.Supiyardi S,Pd.I,M.Si as President of Micro Business and Indonesian Farmer Group (KUKMI) took part in addressing the joint agreement and important notification from UN SWISSINDO to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia in regard to the Greatest Agenda for World Acquisition and total global system change processes, which is to start from Indonesia as realization and manifestation of noble ideals of the State and Nation Founders.
Post-Grand Acclamation Derives Favorable and Unfavorable  Comments
According to Supriyadi as an economic agent, he has fully supported UN Swissindo Programs contained in the Mandate of Pancasila, 1945 Constitution, and United Nations Declaration to create a fair, abundant, and prosperous world community living safe and peaceful lives.
He was quoted as saying that the government should have supported the UN Swissindo’s Mission to manifest the people’s welfare. He also gave his appreciation to the Parties who assisted in the Humanity Mission, in which Indonesia has been appointed as the World Lighthouse by 25 Parent Countries. “The Government should have truly prioritized national interest,” he added.
Meanwhile, OJK and BI keep urging Swissindo to prove how UN Swissindo had repaid all the debt of Indonesia people. They were reported to have challenged Swissindo to prove that all the debt has been repaid in full. They forgot or were not aware that Swissindo’s Advocate also challenged BI or OJK to prove if all Swissindo’s documents were fraudulent or fake. According to the advocate, Swissindo World Trust International Orbit is ready to face any lawsuits filed by any parties who are against it.
Post-Grand Acclamation Derives Favorable and Unfavorable  Comments
So far there has been no legal statement issued by the Government to prohibit UN Swissindo from conducting its activities nor has there been any indication that UN Swissindo is one of the illegal organizations strongly prohibited by the Government. So, it is clear that the Grand Acclamation held in Monas attended by over 10,000 participants is evidence that Swissindo is a legitimate world organization with humanitarian Mission. The Government would not have allowed Swissindo to convey its Mission since its first emergence in 2009. If Swissindo were against the Government, the State Intelligent Agency would not have turned its blind eyes to it for so long.
With regard to such national mass media as MetroTV, RCTI, RCTV,  and TVONE to name but a few, do not seem to have no guts to cover any significant events Swissindo ever held. The Grand Acclamation was the most spectacular one none of the above mentioned mass media ever touched on. There should be no allegations as to their being silent. Time will reveal government’s seemingly uncooperative reaction and the silence of the mass media. Behind the screen coordination might have taken place, so let us just hope for the best to turn up.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Swissindo Payment 1-11: will it be rolled out at the end of this month?

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Swissindo payment 1-11
The high ranking officials of UN Swissindo is now doing the best they can to negotiate with banking officers in Indonesia in regard to the release of Debt Burden Liberation Certificate issued by Un Swissindo on February 6th, 2016 and realization of Swissindo payment 1-11. The news come from Swissindo facebook page and some other DBLC members’ facebook status. “Hopefull at the end of this month everything will be safely settled,” said a few of  Swissindo members in Indonesia Menuju Mecusuar Dunia facebook page.

Swissindo payment 1-11
There are still those who are Swissindo’s haters criticizing and mocking at what has been done so far but those ill-wishing words have only gone in one ear and out the other, especially M1 has never listened to any criticism thrown at him. This is the best quality that M1 has as the King of Kings.
Many supporters and also members of Un Swissindo in Indonesia who have KTAs (Swissindo ID Cards) believe that Human Obligation or Swissindo payment 1-11 will soon be rolled out and Voucher M1 for members and delegates will also soon be paid. We are still awaiting Official Announcement in regard to the news.

Swissindo payment 1-11
One of allegations against Swissindo, that is still attacked with by the haters including OJK and BI  is that related to legitimacy of its legal status. They keep saying that Swissindo’s documents and certificates are fraudulent and fake. In response to the allegation, one of DBLC team members named Soe Swissindo Kepri said in his fb status as follows: “If those documents werefraudulent, Mr. Sino would have been under arrest, and Swissindo would of course have been disbanded and all its members would have been interrogated……” Nothing happened. No reports have been submitted to the police by the haters. For your information Swissindo started to be online in 2009, and since then on Swissindo officials had always visited Bank of Indonesia to find out all those certificates. Another thing that strengthened the belief that Swissindo is legitimate is that the Grand Acclamation would not have happened in Monas Monument in Jakarta, Indonesia as Indonesia’s Intelligent Agent members or State Intelligent Agency would have reported it to the President to stop the Grand Acclamation.

Visit Swissindo's official website: SwissindoNews

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Grand Acclamation was successfully completed

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Grand Acclamation
Swissindo Mission: The Show Must Go on

Swissindo has clearly mentioned that it has Grand Humanity Mission – to eradicate poverty by distributing the inheritance to all people in 253 countries in the world. If we look at the articles about UN Swissindo you see nothing else but Humanity Mission referred to as Human Obligation. This is the priority above any other such targets as freeing the countries of their debt and implementing Venus Project, which will build facilities and infrastructures around the globe.

The Grand Acclamation held in Monas Monument in Jakarta, Indonesia was its first public announcement to the people of Indonesia coming from 34 provinces. It was initially planned that the acclamation would be witnessed by the President of Indonesia and Head of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia but  deadlock and red tape had made the process a little delayed. As M1 has always said that with or without government authority, the show must go on.

Representatives of Provincial DBLC team members had already gathered in Residential Caraka where M1 lives. The sudden change of the venue did not surprise them as the night before a decision had to be made in regard to the venue of the Grand Acclamation. Without changing the order of predetermined Acclamation Activity, all were set exactly according to plan except the venue, which was initially set to be at the office of M.A.

The Changed venue and non-attendance of President of the Republic of Indonesia and Head of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia did not at all dishearten all DBLC teams from 34 provinces and supporters. Their yelling of Merdeka!!! Amen!! And Great Almighty Allah echoed throughout Monas Monument area when M1 was giving a speech of Great Acclamation. And also they returned home after attending the Grand Acclamation, their spirit has risen and intend to work harder for the success of Swissindo Mission. They also realized that to achieve the mission, they have to face those who are against Swissindo Mission.

 “We are already in the middle of our effort. It’s too late to stop. So, we are determined to resume until this Grand Mission is achieved for the good of the people. For us all,” said one of DBLC team members.