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Friday, June 24, 2016

M1 Receives Officers from the Supreme Court

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On June 24, 2016 in the beautiful evening at Caraka Cirebon, West Java, King of Kings UN GSE received a royal guest of the Supreme Court, Mr Tukiminto - Consumer Protection Division Officer - representing the Government. In this case he was assigned to bridge communication between the Supreme Court and UN Swissindo. His expected arrival was greeted with joy  by society of Caraka and Swissindo officers  on that wonderful evening.

One of the members of the Honorary Council UN Swissindo, Mr. Joko Widodo said that representatives of the Supreme Court shed tears of emotion and happiness seeing the sincerity and genuineness of UN Swissindo officers. The presence of the Supreme Court is a proof that the UN SWISSINDO deserves the full support of the people of Indonesia and of the world because it has succeeded in bringing all the people to the gate of the Grand Independence.

Congratulation UN Swissindo on having made this into long-awaited reality.

M1's Statement in respect of the Current World Economic Situation

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This is the statement made by M1 today, June 24th, 2016 as follows:


We've received an official letter from our officers and delegates in respect of current situation, in which a high-level meeting has been held at USA main institutions (NSA,CIA,DOD dan UST). The meeting was attended by 40 executive staff members, who have been given directions as regard USA's critical economic and financial situation.

The stern warning has been informed of by CIA representatives urging that financial action be taken or else severe financial situation in America will occur affecting global economy. Representative of US Treasury(UST) also informed and confirmed similar matters. They explained the matters at the said meeting.

It is suggested that negotiating steps be taken to release global monetery between US Treasury and UN SWISSINDO since there have been efforts to sabotase and embezzle the transaction happening in Germany, China, and Japan.

The report from our delegates annunciates that the condition of world communities are increasingly critical and threatened due to increasingly worsening global economic situation. This will trigger the third world war if the effort to twart and distort transaction process of global account for the sake of personal interest. This is of course similar to what is happening in Indonesia.

Accordingly, we hope that anyone who is already aware of information of the current situation (Global and Universal Mission of UN-SWISSINDO | UN-GSE) will not on any account try to obstruct it!!!

Stop becoming robbers and suppressors of people's right!!! Whoever and whatever beings  in this universe dislike, abhore, and slander the existance of UN Swissindo's mission.

[Translated from Wong Apri's FB Status dated June 24th, 2016)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DBLC Socialization in Jakarta,Indonesia

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Debt Burden Liberation Certificate has been disseminated far into most provinces of Indonesia: Lampung, Central Sulawesi, East Java, Bangka Bitung and more. DBLC team in Jakarta managed to organize DBLC Socialization presented to Kerawang residents, Jakarta at 20 pm West Indonesian Time, on Tuesday June 14, 2016. The team members who were present at the socialization were Mr. Hananto, Mr.Made, Mr. Joko Widodo and many more.

The socialization was enthusiastically responded by the residents who later asked lots of questions. The opening speech was made by Mr. Hananto, who explained clearly the missions and objectives of Swissindo World Trust International Orbit.

This is a very good and successful move made by Indonesian delegates who have worked tirelessly in order that Swissindo will be nationally and internationally known

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Debt Burden Liberation Acknowledged byRegional Military Command in Lampung

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EXPLORING LAMPUNG - BANDAR LAMPUNG. As regard DBLC in Lampung Province, due to
hard work of Swissindo Team members, DBLC socialization has reached the Office of Regional Military Command in Bandar Lampung. Chief of Regional Military Command for Bandar Lampung has visited Bapak Sino in Cirebon and is now having coordination with Mr. Samsuddin (one of Swissindo Top Presidents) based in Lampung. Meanwhile, Police Chief for Tulang Bawang Regency has met Mr. Samsudin for further coordination regarding DBL for residents of Bandar Lampung.
"Our team members have covered most of Lampung Regencies: Menggala, Tulang Bawang, Pringsewu, South Lampung, Central Lampung, Metro City, and Bandar Lampung City. We are preparing Swissindo Videos in CD to be distributed to those who have contacted us," explained Pak Sam.

“Since copies of DBLC have been spread, we are busy having more visitors coming to our house. All visitors have visited us to ask about DBLC and general info on Swissindo,” he added.

These are two DBLC success stories as told by Kartika Maidiana to Exploring Lampung.
 “Since DBLC was announced, I tried to collect all data that support DBL request. Last year, I bought a car from one of the leasing companies in Lampung (Cimb Niaga Auto Finance). The debt collector came to my house because I did not pay the monthly installment of my debt. I told him I wouldn’t want to pay my debt because Swissindo has already paid all te people’s debt,” explained H. E.  Kartika. “After a long argument and after I had shown all the document to the debt collector, we finally came to an agreement that the debt would be postponed until the formal announcement made by Bank of Indonesia/Government.”

“Another debt postponement also happened to my friend, whose business went into bankruptcy, so he was not able to pay the monthly debt payment. I helped him explain it to ICC Leasing company,” said H. E. Kartika enthusiastically.

See also Letter to President

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ulu Belu Lake Tanggamus

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As reported by Teguh Prasetyo - Lampung Tribune Reporter

TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, KOTA AGUNG- Lampung turns out to have a lot of fascinating areas. Area of ​​Ulu Belu in Tanggamus is one of them. Tanggamus as Coffee-producing region has a geothermal resource proves to have a very beautiful turquoise lake which is  in stark contrast to the readsoil around it.

This Lake having hot water is often called Grace Lake located on the border between the village of Pagar Alam and Muara Dua. The lake is located to the left of the highway of Ulu Belu. The lake was much talked about  young traveling lovers  in various social media. It is due to the unique color of the lake, which is very photogenic when photographed.

To get here,from Bandar Lampung, it takes about 2.5 - 3 by hours by car or 90 km.

Pay atttention to the signboard of Batu Tegi Reservoir or follow the signpost towards Ulu Belu on the right road. After the turn, continue to follow a rather narrow but good asphalt road. Finally, you will reach a plateau area with beautiful views. Trees on large overlay with sprawling rice fields in the view. Especially when we nearly approach the area of ​​geothermal sources, then bursts of white clouds like the clouds, becomes the special scenery of its own.

The street to follow is winding. Motorists are asked to be careful when passing through here because on the right and left of the road, are ravines. Finally, you will arrive at a lake on the roadside, which directly anesthetizes the eyes making you keep looking at it due to the the lake having very unusual.

Debt Burden Liberation the People of Indonesia