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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Un Swissindo International Orbit: We Are Legitimate

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Un Swissindo
UN Swissindo Denies being labeled Illegal
Batuampar – Un Swissindo denied being labeled as an illegal organization. The allegation was made by OJK of Kepri, which stated publicly that UN Swissindo International Orbit was an illegal institution.
Un Swissindo Officer for Kepri, Mr. Yadhie Hanifah, explained that  Un Swissindo had a very long story spread worldwide. He said Swissindo’s document was complete and what OJK stated was not true.
“We never urged people to stop paying their debt. We just told the people that their debt had been repaid in full by Un Swissndo International Orbit.” He explained.
As Swissindo officers, we never demand any payment from the people. We have been working for Swissindo as volunteers for the sake of the people. We are happy if all of the people are freed from their debt.
Meanwhile, Swissindo’s Advocate, relative to Ibnu Fatihah who is still being arrested, provided the following information:
Certificates of Bank of Indonesia used by Un-Swissindo are still being talked about in the communities, especially in provinces where DBLC has been widespread. It is said that BI Certificates used by Un-Swissindo International Orbit are fraudulent or fake and used to attract people to follow Un-Swissindo's debt free program with the purpose of gaining personal benefit. Those attracted by the offer will be charged some amount of money. These are what have been alleged to Un-Swissindo International Orbit.
For such programs, Acclamation has been executed by Immam Mahdi Big Top Royual K.681, King of King’s HM.MR.A1. Sino AS.S&2&.IR. Soegihartonotonegoro. ST as the Great President of United Nations Organization concerning DBLC for all Indonesian people and distribution of Voucher M1 US$ 1.200 / Citizen Card at Monas National Monument on October 16th, 2016 attended by thousands of participants from various provinces throughout Indonesia, representatives from embassy offices and the event was guarded by Multinational Task Force and covered by Television of the Republic of Indonesia and Radio of the Republic of Indonesia so that the legal application shall bind all parties because it fulfills formal requirements of publicity and material requirements.
On the certificate, Un-Swissindo’s  stamp and logo were entered  so were signatures of  Darmin Nasution and Mulyaman Hadad, who are still serving as Chairman of Board of Commissioners of Finance Service Authority of the Republic of Indonesia.
Central Bank of Indonesia in Jakarta has not confirmed in regard to the certificate declared to be fake and fraudulent in the case of DBLC team leader in Samarinda, East Kalimantan. Refutation against the false signatures of Darmin Nasution and Mulyaman Hadad printed thereon has not been confirmed either. However, the party who used the certificate was accused to have committed DECEPTION and or FORGERY OF THE CERTIFICATE.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Part Two: Swissindo's Historical Background

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Part Two Swissindo HIstorical Background
(The World Bank International Indonesia)
Decides that:
LIMITED EDITION serial 01 - 4 Bank Note of Bank Indonesia Register is as the transition of Legitimate & Legal Tender, and as Indonesian currency of 2010.

All currencies not included therein are International Crimes and are deemed illegitimate.

Output International Transaction
Collateral System and SWIFT Integration Projects gave birth to a financial transaction banking system, which were actually under control of T-UBS,ESA SAKTI's SECRET CONTROL OF MONETARY FINANCIAL SYSTEM applicable in Key link System - SUN MOCRO SYSTEM, all processes of medium Transaction (MT) conducted by Central Bank or  Executing Prime Banks, related to US GOVT Agencies _ NASA GOVT Agencies. In forming the currency and in this matter is referred to as Standard World Currency Exchange by virtue of Collateral as per Keynes Law.

This system cannot be replaced by any countries or whatsoever unless they can move this Earth to other Planets. Surely this can only be done by the One Almighty God.

This system shall regulate and limit a world governance law under Veto Authority of One Personal Only No commercial and shall be executed by Inter & Out-Ter.

Parent Board of The high Institution of the State Highest Institution of the Universe
Neo The United Kingdom Of God Sky Earth
AAE.A2: Asia - Africa -Europe - America - Australia
International Committee of 300
International Organic Agency
United Nations Organization

Property Material Data

License of Patent Property Material Data Warehouse
I. SWISSINDO Ownership
II. Assayer’s & Refiner’s
III. New World Order

Budget worth US$920 thousand trillion is the re-payment from Clearance Program of UBS, WORLD BANK, and Bank of Indonesia of 2008 to Parent Consortium of Swissindo Internationality.

World Control
All world civilization orders are in fact under the control of TRI TUNGGAL (triumvirate) the King’s administration of justice international orbit, SWISSINDO as the world parent boards:

I.       Parent Army       : 16 MULTINATIONAL      : NATO – SEATO – NON BLOCK
II.     Parent Bank       : UBS.WORLD BANK. BI    : RATU MAS KENCANA ROOM A1-1A
III.    Parent Country    : 25 COUNTRIES          : UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION

All have been invested and regulated under National and International Legal Corridors, and orbited through US Agencies - NASA GOVERNMENT and this is referred to as RE' PUBLIC and INDONESIA as the world State board having the task of carrying the mandate of Sky Earth Kingdom Agreement to:

1. Re-create a civilization system of Neo World Lighthouse.
2. Re-build the Character "The Spirit of Place".
3. Melt and destroy furious actions with legal corridor.

It is the production to be disseminated around the globe, the Transmissions of International Consortium of USA - SWISS and Financier’s International Indonesia – INA. Swissindo's authority is part of Ratu Adil Imam Mahdi's decision and visualization of proof of truth and assurance of the existence of origins of its history in forming the world civilization system order, ASIA, AFRICA, AMERICA, AUSTRALIA; in its process, it involved the great world history: MATARAM – MAJAPAHIT – GALUH PAKUAN PAJAJARAN, then the dynasty of World Mataram made Trust give birth to the origin of NKRI to end all histories of world independence dated August 17, 1945 -- the history of World War the Second.


Monday, November 14, 2016

Swissindo's Historical Background

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Swissindo historical background
Koran Tekad,Eigth Edition, Year VIII has issued Swissindo’s Historical Background adapted from
as follows:

Part One (Translated Version)

Pancasila and 1945 Constitution, Article 1 Sub-article 1, Article 32 and Article 33 Sub-article 3


It is the assurance and legal proof of the Materials of Property Data, Patent License of Swissindo Agreement. As per law in Metaphysics and Reality:

The One and Almighty God

The Angels
Apostles and prophets – the Guardians –gods and goddesses
Pancasila (five principles) and 1945 Constitution
And Law and Regulation to all fellow God-Created Human beings

are to re-introduce all dimensions of nature equilibrium, its relation in vertical and horizontal constellation level and comprehension level and maturity of thought in order to understand, to recognize and to be recognized by God, to desire and be desired to prove series of agreement episodes of the world historical process in achieving the highest glory of the world civilization, which commenced from:

The origins of NKRI

The origins of Agreement Among Religious People around The World
The origins of Agreement of God and Sky Kingdom

Inscription of 3 (three) continents, of names of world nations - Asia, Africa and Europe, created 3 (three) names of oceans: Indian, Indochina, Indonesian oceans, which were united into Java Ocean. In accordance with its span of time, it created American and Australian continents as parts of the world history process and formed 7 strongest states as the world backbone.

 N.S.A – No Search Agent

It started with Tri Sandi Gajah Kencana Tunggal (Three Codes of Single Golden Elephant) or known as Tri Murti (Three Murti): Trusty Prasasty Dynasty, which will always be present as long as the world civilization exists

The Law of God

The miracle comes according to the wish of the Creator, who set the civilization go with its implied and written symbols as proof of God existence and the arrival of a statement in the perishable world. Under God's Law, God "CREATES" as per His wishes and intentions, and "MAINTAIN" as per His objectives and purposes and bestows "HIS KNOWLEGE", to recognize and be recognized as proof of the parent books of revelation to guide human beings' morals and behavior and to set decrees to abide by and to show human respects as fellow created beings and to create a serial of vision of the universe civilization and its surrounding.

Law of Causality 

The principle is: As you sow, so shall you reap. Pancasila and 1945 Constitution shall be the grand world umbrella, sources of all legal sources. This cannot be understood and executed only by virtue of spirituality and intellectuality to say nothing of party platforms but by perfect compassion in viewing and treating. Religious spirituality is to guide not to squabble and hide behind God's verses to justify the mistakes and not involving management of issues, even bureaucracy and legal system that were established has been understood as self protecting process of rigid protocol meaning that all done to the boss' wishes.
History after history, it is always proven by the genuine truth of Pancasila wheel (five continents). All points shall come to an end, creating NUMBERS and LETTERS, which become words, sentences and meanings and stories to be told in its history. Thereafter, writings and nature codes in the universe are formed: written, and clearly seen and become the key to terraced belief according to the background of the groups or individuals, who are integrated interconnection as the form of His existence.

Historical Law of Rightous King of Imam Mahdi

It explains the birth of beginning and ending ruler's history, which has been so far known as NEO (in Javanese: Emptiness of Zero Science) - Nationality Earth Organization and other terminologies that will bring us to Blue Beam Project of 2012.God himself has created this together with its nature to carry out and straighten out previous vision and mission conducted by the  history makers of apostles and prophets, guardians - saga and legend of the history, which are not other than to prove that God is the one Who rules the Sky and Earth.


Patent License of the Micro Film, actual description of the video is the proof of the Warehouse of AN.ACT.147.1905 undeniably explains the people of all levels, even those with the least knowledge and understanding and complete disbelief and it proves the clear disdain to the world savers spreading all over the world, especially in the Mother Earth of Nusantara Indonesia.

Blow Up. Who betrayed who? Who claimed to be what? The kingdom's family and the President's family, relation between institutions of 9 State Administrators and 9 elders of the State in achieving the culmination of Exhibit A&B Agreement of 1903 as the continuation of the final climax of the Second World War, and the ending of Cold War and in this day what will we march forward for?!

Is it true that Indonesia is the richest, the most prosperous, and the most abundant country? The answer is YES FOR SURE!!! As it has the duty and responsibility for all human beings in the world.

Semar Super Semar

super Semar, super link and super hud. The Treasure, and the Throne created to make the world civilization system CIVILISED, as proof and form of God's ruling system on earth, that is Register of Kingdom, Kingdom's Civil Society System - the World Governance that gives an answer to the world challenge. How is it going to be done and WHAT are the MEANS TO USE???

International Legal Base of Ratu Adil Imam Mahdi Birth

The said base is Patent License of Sky Earth Mandatory - State Mandatory, Code NN (No Name) Exhibit A&B  C data. Code A 1903. Transmission of International Consortium USA - SWISS, International Financier, Indonesia INA, certificates of ownership proof of individual Corporate & Institution, International Document Institution Board. Patent License of Swissindo Agreement, 25 Parent Countries with origins of Excellent Task Force Team of 16 states of Multinationals

White Tiger

Red Bear
White Bear
White Dragon

25 parent countries, as Swissindo Representatives, were ratified by IR.SOEKARNO and MR. H. ROOB as in a certificate of Micro Film.


Then: Transmission of International Consortium USA - International SWISS Financiers  Indonesia – INA

is the actual genuine owner of paper currency - World Collateral -& SWIFT Integration projects and at this time, the START shall be determined by Indonesia toward New World Civilization of Neo World Lighthouse of Indonesia, 3-realm revolution as per Exhibit A&B - the State Asylum of the Republic of Indonesia in creating Standard World Currency - UN Registration referred to as N$2 - ESTWO to be issued and circulated through BULLION BIG BANK RATU MAS KENCANA ROOM A1-1A ( The Worlrd Bank International Indonesia – tower of Exchange Building ) in Jakarta.


Estwo is new International currency to replace RUPIAH Currency, which will be issued and circulated through Bank of Indonesia. These origins are clear as Swissindo is the veto authority holder and The International Committee Of 300 – The International Organic Agency - United Nation Organization,  dated 14th of June 2010 - 14th of July 2010. The Government of Indonesia and Bank of Indonesia did not give a good response in regard to asset ownership of Trusty Prasasty Dinasty – NKRI under the government veto against Swissindo as the parent body of the State's highest Institution of the Universe, as owner of Union Bank of Metal Switzerland - UBS History, World Bank, Breton Wooes 1944, Bank of Indonesia - State Program of 1941.

According to the ownership proof, Certificate of Micro Film is proof of ownership of Parent Army, Parent Banks and Parent Countries.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Indonesia’s Budget Deficit: Revised Three Times

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Indonesia’s Budget Deficit: Revised Three Times
What is behind the Cutting Down on the 2016 State Budget?

The government budget has been revised three times since last May 2016. Is it one of the worsening economic situations?
Vice Chairman of House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, Fadli Zon reviewed that when the government put forward its program, it always expressed its optimism, which turned out to be unsupported with accurate economic calculation. For example, the tax revenue targeted to be 234 trillion IDR in 2015 totally missed the target. This also happened to the government budget for the first semester of 2016, which reached a deficit of 73% of the State Budget target, and the target revenue of tax amnesty, which only reached less than 1% despite the fact that it had been released more than a month.  All of these were caused by immature budget calculation.

Amidst economic hardship, He suggested looking back at Mohammad Hatta’s thought. “He was a proclaimer  as well as an economist,” he said.

Fadli Zon – Vice Chairman of Gerindra Party  asserted that the way out planned by the government to overcome economic problems should not be off the track outlined by the constitution.
He also said that Hatta, the independence Proclaimer had bequeathed Article 33 of 1945 Constitution to us all. By virtue of this Constitution, we have actually formulated and ordered a certain economic system, by which we have no freedom to alter it at will.

Before hundreds of participants and invitees, Fadli explained that Hatta, who formulated Article 33 of 1945 Constitution, envisaged that economic policy cannot rely on theory of economy. When talking about People’s welfare, theory of economy shall not have a closing paragraph as it is the politic of economy, which gives the final decision. That is the historical as well as constitutional positions of Article 33 of  1945 Constitution.

According to him, economic system or politics of economy is referred to as the way a State regulates her economy. He added that Hatta, who created Article 33 of `1945 Constitution, viewed that politic of economy should not fully abide by economic theory. On the other hand, it is the economic theory that should abide by politic of economy.

Translated and summarized from:

Friday, November 11, 2016

Fatih Seferagic In Indonesia: Heaven On Earth Tour

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Fatih Seferagic In Indonesia: Heaven On Earth Tour
Fatih Seferagic In Indonesia: Heaven On Earth Tour

Fatih Seferagic, 21 years of age, a Moslem, Al Quran Reciter and a Bosnian descent, has been worldwide popular due to his ability to recite all contents of Al Quran, Islamic Holy Quran, that all Moslems should read and understand and believe in. Not only is his ability to recite the Holy Quran melodiously without reading it but his cute face has also amazed the world population, especially  world Islamic believers. As he is a US Citizen, who moved to America at the age of 4 and lives in Houston, Texas, USA should be proud of having him. He is an Asset to the country in my opinion.

His 10-day visit to Indonesia in November 2016, which he called “Heaven On Earth Tour”, has been highly expected by all Moslems in Indonesia. He arrived in Jakarta and had the opportunity to perform the Friday Prayer in the famous National Istiqlal Mosque located in the heart of Jakarata. During the Friday Prayer he chose to be at the first row closest to the Imam of prayer. He was offered to lead the Friday Prayer but he preferred as one of the Friday Prayer congregations.

According to his Instagram, he is to visit 10 cities of Indonesia to meet the Moslem communities. Mosques can be the venues to meet them all.

Indonesia as the country with the Islamic most population should learn something from Fatih Seferagic. Can young people of Indonesia become like him? Moslems of Indonesia, especially young people, should use this opportunity to learn something in regard to Quran Reciting, not because he is handsome but his ability to remember all Surahs of the Quran.