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Friday, January 13, 2017

Debt Liberation is to be followed directly with Distribution of M1-Master Bond

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Swissindo having stated that people's debt has been repaid since February 2016 is true. However, the realization of the debt relief seemingly has to await Circular Letter of Bank Indonesia. The banks should have referred to the Acclamation Speech dated October 16 2016 that people's debt has been paid off and the banks should have immediately followed it up by stopping the debt payment made by the people. The debtors' debts are sadly still being collected by the banks. The banks should have coordinated it with their upper level banking institution concerning this issue.

According to Hon. Hananto, the World Prime Minister of National and International Relations and Objectives that Debt Liberation is to be immediately followed by Distribution of M1 Master Bond
Back to the issue of the Debt-Free Certificate, the relevant banks should have coordinated the issuance of Debt Burden Liberation Certificate to higher level banking institutions instead of ignoring the DBLCs that have been submitted by the debtors. There has been no official statement made by the banks in regard to the status of debt-free certificate being considered to be fraudulent or other status that is being or is still being discussed by Bank of Indonesia. This has led to unrest in society resulting in accusations that Swissindo is an illegal organization. Do not let such polemic continue as widespread unrest. Measures should be taken either by the banks or the Swissindo in order that it will be clear that what is wanted by Swissindo is still being processed by the banks and the government because this is not about a little money but a very large amount concerning all the people and the State. Swissindo in this case is always ready and keeps awaiting.

The purpose of DBLC being submitted to the banks is to make the banks ready and informed that the people's debts have been paid off since February 2016. This has been strengthened with Acclamation Speech delivered by M1 dated October 16 2016.

Strategic dissemination of DBLC to the people is that M1 wants that the people know their debts are cleared off. Here the volunteers have to be able to educate the community that the debts have been paid off but the banks seem to want to wait for Secular Letter from Bank of Indonesia. Their action should be done beautifully and diplomatically as Swissindo is an International Humanitarian Organization.

Pertaining to the fund having been deposited to Bank Mandiri, this also requires steps that are not easy considering that the amount is fantastically huge. We have to be diplomatic in conveying this to the community. Sooner or later, the people's happiness will be tangible.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Unila Receives Higher Education Accreditation

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Rektor Unila
University of Lampung, located in Bandar Lampung, is one of State Universities in Indonesia. Among hundreds of State Universities, 27 of them have been accredited A. Academicians of University of Lampung must be very proud as University of Lampung is one of 27 accredited State Universities. Official announcement by virtue of Ministerial Decree Letter and certification is to be submitted to Rector of University of Lampung Professor Hasriadi Mat Akin at the beginning of January 2017.

Professor Hasriadi Mat Akin confirmed the news of University of Lampung having obtained Accreditation from National Accreditation Board. All together, there are 48 higher education institutions having obtained A Accreditation: 27 State-Owned Universities, 15 Private Universities, 3 Religion State-Owned Universities, and 3 Middle-cluster State-Owned Universities. Compared to A Accreditation of 2015 awarded to 23 higher education institutions (17 state Universities and 6 Private Universities), the number of A- Accredited universities has increased by 109%. This means that more and more universities have made efforts to increase education quality.

According to Professor Hasriadi Mat Akin, University of Lampung was rated the thirteenth of the best universities based on webometrics Version, and the sixteenth based on 4ICU Version. It is probably due to this prestigious achievement that National Accreditation Board awarded Accreditation to University of Lampung.

Visit: University of Lampung


Tribunews Lampung

Thursday, December 29, 2016

UN Swissindo: M1 never rises to the bait

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M1 never rises to the bait
M1 never ever rises to the bait no matter how rudely the haters accused him of having perpetrated fraudulence.  His concern is to free humanity of the burden and to return to the people what they should have been endowed with.

The following is what he often reiterates on any occasion.

Any party that opposes Humanitarian Grand Mission of Un Swissindo is akin to wishing the people to keep suffering and living in misery. Or in other words those who oppose Swissindo  has violated the 1945 Constitution under Article 27 paragraph (2), stating that "Every citizen has the right to work and live a decent life for humanity."
To let the people live miserably in neck-strangling debt is the same as oppressing human rights.
According to Act No. 39 of 1999 concerning violations of Human Rights that:
"Violation of human rights is any act committed by a person or group of people including state officials both intentionally or unintentionally, which reduces, restricts, revokes, or eliminates the law-protected rights of the people, which do not obtain or are feared not to get a true and fair legal settlement in accordance with mechanisms of the applicable law."

M1 tidak pernah terpancing betapa pun kasarnya para pembenci menuduhnya telah melakukan pemalsuan.  Perhatiannya adalah membebaskan manusia dari beban dan mengembalikan apa yang seharusnya telah bisa dinimati oleh rakyat selama ini.

Berikut adalah apa yang ia sering katakana pada setiap kesempatan.

[Pihak manapun yang menentang Missi Agung Kemanusiaan Un Swissindo berarti menginginkan rakyat tetap hidup menderita. Atau dengan kata lain mereka yang menentang melanggar UUD 1945 Pasal 27 ayat (2), yaitu "Tiap-tiap warga negara berhak atas pekerjaan dan penghidupan yang layak bagi kemanusiaan."
Membiarkan rakyat hidup sengsara dalam lilitan hutang sama juga menzolimi hak azasi manusia.
Menurut UU No. 39 tahun 1999 tentang pelanggaran Hak Azasi Manusia bahwa :
"Pelanggaran HAM adalah segala tindakan yang dilakukan oleh seseorang atau sekelompok orang termasuk aparat negara baik disegaja maupun tidak disengaja yang dapat mengurangi, membatasi, mencabut, atau menghilangkan hak asasi orang lain yang dilindungi oleh undang-undang dan tidak mendapatkan atau dikhawatirkan tidak mendapatkan penyelesaian hukum yang benar dan adil sesuai mekanisme hukum yang berlaku."]

Also visit: UNILA Received Higher Education Accreditation

Monday, December 26, 2016

Swissindo Fund Rolled out in stages

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Swissindo fund rolled out
Swissindo Advocate says fund has been rolled out
A while ago there was a conversation among Swissindo officers by virtue of WhatsApp  in regard to Swissindo fund being invested in stages amounting to 2 trillion Rupiahs. The following is the conversation mentioned above. We will find out later what action will taken by the relevant banks and whether or not the follow-up shall be officially issued by virtue of BI Governor Circular Letter:

[26/12 09.37]
Accordinig to the information, the fund have already paid in to each bank in stages totalling 2 trillion IDR. This is due to the prayer and fight of Swissindo’s volunteers, officials, and members.
[26/12 09.38]
Ani Forest
Thank you, Pak Yuzar!
[26/12 09.39]
The account is now in the name of UNS.
[26/12 09.39]
Mas Paijo
That’s superb,  Pak yunas. Merdeka!!
[26/12 09.40] 
Is is what was being mentione by Romo (Bapak)? That's cool.
[26/12 09.41]
Bapak asked this information be informed to all. This is the victory of our voluntees - fighters for Swissindo.. Bank employees were all shaken with fear, numb and dumfounded when seeing that the invested fund was so huge.....
[26/12 09.41]
Yay! I heard it straight from the horse's mouth -- BJB, BRI, Mandiri, and BNI…
[26/12 09.41]
Mas Paijo
What Great Almighty God!
[26/12 09.42]
Debt has been erased! YunasrilVoucher M1 will soon be rolled out!
[26/12 09.43]
Mas Paijo
Can I share it Mas Yuzar?
[26/12 09.43]
At your service Bunda Ani. Thanks to the insistence of 5 Continents. Thank you Bunda Ani.
[26/12 09.43]
Yes, you can!
[26/12 09.44]
Do share it in the group.....This is for the joy of all people in the world.
[26/12 09.45]
Mas Paijo
 Amen amen, oh my God.
[26/12 09.51]
Abdul Malik
Amen, Pak Indra and Pak Yuzar. Thank God. Thou have answered the prayer of our people. Amen Oh my God - the creator of the Universe. From North Sumatere Swissindo Officer (Abdul Malik).
[26/12 09.54]
Ani Forest
Wow wow wow!!! I just talked to Bapak! MERDEKA!

[26/12 09.55]
Ani Forest
Thank you,  Pak Yuzar!

[26/12 09.56]
Harris Baginda
Peace be upon you. Thank God. I do hope all are happy and create happiness with God's fortune. Amen. Peace be upon you
[26/12 09.57]
Yelfian Kepri
Thank God.....Slow but sure the light has showed the way to our INDEPENDENCE
[26/12 10.13]
Harris Baginda
: Peace be upon you. Let Honorable Bapak Sino decide. It should be true for all. We are all the same. We the people are equal before Almighty God. We will soon discover the people who want to dominate others. Let's cool down,patient in awaiting Honorable Bapak Sino's decision.

Bandar Lampung : Several Steak Restaurants

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several restaurants selling steak1
Although we know steak isn’t Indonesian Cuisine but steak popularity has made as if steak were Indonesian food. People are not concerned whether or not some kinds of food are typical Indonesian cuisine. Rather people prioritize taste. If it is delicious, then they will swamp the restaurants that provide delicious food.
Bandar Lampung is nowadays filled with more and more restaurants. Some new restaurants specialize in foreign cuisine considering that residents of Bandar Lampung prefer foreign cuisine. Some of these new restaurants offer Korean and Japanese food.
Steak has been accepted a lot longer and is sold at a variety of restaurants from the first class to the lowest class restaurant. Steak sold at the first class restaurants are not necessarily the one you want. This means that the best restaurants are not guarantees that the food they sell is delicious.
However, here is a list of restaurant selling steak. The choice is yours. You have to give it a go and decide which one offers the most delicious one.
According to https://www.infobdl.net/2016/05/restoran-steak-yang-enak-di-bandar-lampung.html, the following restaurants provide steak.
Restaurant Name
Address and Telephone Numbers
Waroeng Steak And Shake
-          Jl. Dr. Susilo No. 69 Teluk Betung , Lampung Telepon:0857-6945-1890
-          Jl. Zaenal Abidin No.59 Pagar Alam , Lampung Telepon:0815-0491-1096
Obonk Steak & Ribs
-          Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.43C, Kota Bandar Lampung Telepon:(0721) 9007546
-          Jalan Zaenal Abidin Pagar Alam No. 18, Lampung Telepon:(0721) 770337
Love Steak & Coffee
-          Jl. Dr. Setia Budi Blok CW No.3-6, Negeri Olok Gading Teluk Betung Barat, Kota Bandar Lampung, Lampung Telepon:(0721) 563000
Darlenes Steak House
-          Jl. WR. Monginsidi No.168, Pengajaran Teluk Betung Utara, Kota Bandar Lampung, Lampung Telepon:(0721) 474442
Gang Nam
-          Malboemi Kedatan Lantai 1 Blok R/1 Jalan Teuku Umar, Lampung Telepon:0812-3131-8866
Rosemary Steak
-          Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 32, Bandar Lampung, Lampung Telepon:(0721) 108108
If one of your favorite foods is steak, why not try the above restaurants. Without trying first, we cannot know the finest one.