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Friday, September 15, 2017

Lampung Province Government Budget of 2016

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Photo credit: Lenteraswara Lampung

Lampung Province Government Budget of 2016

Government’s budget in Lampung province for the year of 2016 amounted to 14.80 trillion Rupiahs consisting of Lampung’s Local Budget worth 4.65 trillion Rupiahs (31.42%), Local Budget for Regencies/Cities of Lampung Province worth 9.5 trillion Rupiahs (64.22%), and National Budget worth 0.64 trillion Rupiah ( 4.36%).

Of the above mentioned budget, civil servants’ salaries still dominate, especially for civil servants’ salaries in regencies/cities. Amidst limited budget allocation, local governments are committed to focus on productive expenditures. This was shown by the increase in capital budgeting segment.
Realization of budget expenditure in the fourth quarter of 2016 was relatively better compared with that in the third quarter of 2016 in line with disbursement of General Allocation of Fund (DAU), which was previously delayed especially in Local Budget of Lampung Province government. 

Although the total realization of expenditure was higher, the budget absorption was not optimized in each regencies/cities of Lampung province, which was caused – among other things – by the delay of fiscal balance transfer disbursement. Overall, increasing dependency of Lampung Province budget on Central Government was implicated in the limitation of local government’s discretion in making innovation to  accelerate local economic growth.

Source: www.bi.go.id

Lampung Province’s Economic Growth in 2016 and 2017

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Photo Credit: Saibumi

Lampung Province’s Economic Growth in 2016 and 2017

In the midst of domestic economic consolidation and the slow global economic recovery, Lampung’s economy at the fourth quarter of 2016 was still able to grow a little above 5%, particularly due to investment acceleration and export improvement. For the entire 2016, Lampung’s economy also still recorded relatively high growth of 5.15%, which was still higher compared to the growth of National Economic Growth (5.02%). Last year the growth was 5.13% still better than the said National Economic Growth.  Spatially, Lampung is the Province with the fourth highest economic growth in Sumatera.

From the view point of expenditure, source of Lampung’s economic growth has not changed much: It still rests on household consumption. However, what differs in the growth is that at the end of the year, investment performance increased twice as much as that in the previous year. In line with investment improvement, export performance has also improved although it is still in negative growth. Sectorally, the structure of Lampung’s economic growth in 2016 was still supported with 3 main sectors: Agriculture, Processing Industry, and Trade.

Entering the first quarter of 2017, Lampung’s economy was expected to grow well supported by improved performance of household consumption and investment as well as export. Sectorally, the increase in performance of agricultural sector and construction were expected to act as stimuli to Lampung economic growth in the first quarter of 2017. 

Source: bi.go.id

Thursday, August 24, 2017

OJK Summons Mr. Sino August 23rd, 2107

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OJK (Finance Service Authority) Summons Mr. Sino August 23rd, 2107

The following is pure translation from OJK's Website:

Jakarta, August 24, 2017. OJK's Task Force on the handling of Law-violating action in connection with the people's fund raising field and Investment Management or is referred to as Investment Alert Task Force requested United Nation World Trust International Orbit (UN Swissindo) to stop all its activities because it does not have permission in accordance with the provisions of the Applicable legislation.
Head of Investment Alert Task Force Tongam L. Tobing said that the Task Force together with Police Detective Body and Bank of Indonesia summoned chairman of UN Swissindo, who is known as Mr. Sino on Wednesday, August 23 2017.
In the meeting, Mr. Sino as the chairman of UN Swissindo signed a letter of commitment that contains as follows:
1.    UN Swissindo shall discontinue its activities carried out in regard to the offering of debt repayment to the public and the provision of Human Obligation in the form of voucher VM1 and all other activities undertaken by UN Swissindo starting today (Wednesday, August 23) on the grounds that it has no permission in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation.

2.    Mr. Sino as the chairman of UN Swissindo apologizes for all actions that have been done that resulted in social unrest in the society and the financial service sector and he has promised not to repeat his actions.

3.    In light of the above mentioned matters, Mr. Sino asks all leaders of UN Swissindo and the public to acknowledge this statement he made and to be careful when there are similar offers on behalf of UN Swissindo.

According to Tongam, UN Swissindo has been operating in several regions and has claimed to be a world institution that can issue debt repayment letter to the financial service institutions and has provided vouchers to the public to draw money worth USD1.200, - or Rp15.600.000, - at Bank Mandiri.
"The activities undertaken by UN Swissindo are incorrect, because the debt repayment letter issued is not recognized by the financial service agencies and the voucher M1 provided cannot be disbursed at Bank Mandiri," explained Tongam.
Investment Alert Task Force  appealed to all leaders of UN Swissindo to stop its activities and  the public should not follow the activities of UN Swissindo.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Post 18-08-2017 Reaction to Outright Rejection of VM1

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UN Swissindo

Post 18-08-2017 Reaction to Outright Rejection of VM1

August 18th, 2017 has passed. Nothing happened. No one could register their VM1 to Mandiri Banks for the bank rejected and said there was no cooperation or contract signed between UNS and Bank Mandiri. Many who came to the bank to register were disappointed and blamed UNS for this situation.

Long before August 18th, 2017 OJK had warned people to be careful and not to believe what was promised by UNS. Even some local governments rejected VM1 outright! They stamped UNS as an illegal organization that will disturb the community.

Is it true that UNS an illegal organization? From what has been apparent since the organization was introduced by its officials and volunteers, yes it is! But it is not necessarily an illegal organization. If it is, the authorities would have detained M1. So, do not jump at the conclusion yet. Do not look at the negative points only – Promises made by M1 that has never proved and many other lies and fake documents. In fact all of these things are prepared on purpose. Look at it from how the government has oddly been quiet regarding M1’ action. No legal actions are charged against him. This means that M1 is really something – not the one with crooked mind as some people denounced in the mass media.

It’s all behind the screen. No one has ever seen M1 shake hand with the President. No one has. But behind the screen, the communications are held. The truth is strictly hidden and what we have witnessed is all made up so that people will think that is all crap.

It is not known why M1 has created all of this confusion. But his sole purpose is to set humanity free of long lasting burden. Few people took notice of what he said in Kendal speech. He said he asked an Angel he met if it was the right time for him to free humanity. The angel answered NO, it was not the time. The conversation between the Angel and M1 was a sign that Heaven on Earth was still awaiting. We are not sure when the promised Heaven on Earth becomes reality.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

UN Swissindo Meets Head of People's Consultative Assembly

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UN Swissindo Meets Head of People's Consultative
Hendra said that UNS being said to be illegal without involving the party concerned did not reflect the principle of innocent, while UN Swissindo, on the other hands, have vision and mission to welfare the people based on 1945 Constitution and Pancasila. UNS has nothing at all related to the said investment.
Hendra said accompanied by Indra Jaya, S.H., Putu Hendrayana, S.H.,M.H., and Nofrizal, S.H. that they have also carried out legal audit on UN Swissindo and they are ready to sit together with all related stakeholders of the parties both government and Law enforcement apparatus. Given this, the people will be able to witness directly the phenomena clearly – be UN Swissindo’s activity black or white.
Hendra also appreciated and thanked Head of People's Consultative Assembly for their willingness to accept representatives of the people representing 10 millions of UN Swissindo’s volunteers all over Indonesia.
 “Thank God, we were all welcome by Head of People's Consultative Assembly as a mandatory of People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia. The people rely on Head of People's Consultative Assembly to pay special attention to the problem faced by UNS. In other words, the people ask for solution and clarification made by the government in order that they will obtain legal certainty,” said Hendra, who is an Advocate in Lampung Province.
Jap Fanky – a representative of a community – said that members of the community have derived benefit from UN Swissindo’s activities.
 “We will be greatly helped if UN Swissindo can run well. How can UNS run if the government does not want to cooperate? With UN Swissindo being stamped to be illegal, we hereby wish that transparent legal steps would be taken so that we, the people, be well informed of the truth,” said Fanky vehemently before Head of MPR RI
Apriyanto, who is a Swissindo member and also a representative of the Indonesian community added that UNS has been present in the midst of the community with grand vision and mission to welfare the people and ready to work together with the government.
 “We, the people, are ready to escort UNS Program in the hope that it will run well. If UN Swissindo is illegal, then prove it so that the people will get legal certainty,” explained Apri.