Emblem of Lampung


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Five-sided Shield : The ability to  maintain the ideals and manage to build a home occupied by two groups of society to attain prosperous, just society based on Pancasila.

Ribbon of "SANG BUMI RUA JURAI" : "Sang Bumi"  means glorious chambered homes. "Rua Jurai"  means two groups of society living in Lampung area.

Lampung Script : The name of LAMPUNG province.
Leaf and pepper : Leaf as many as 17, and pepper 8. Pepper has been the main produce in Lampung so that the region is recognised by asian and western countries. Pepper seed as many as 64, shows that Lampung was established in 1964.

A bunch of paddy stem: Paddy as many as 45. Paddy is the main produce of the transmigration community, with whom the local society lives to create the Republic of Indonesia proclaimed on August 17th, 1945

Cleaver : It is a multi-purpose knife

Spear : Traditional hereditary spear.

"Gung" : the main musical instrument that is used to show that masterpiece has started and as a tool to collect people to achieve deliberation.

"Siger" : Crown symbolizing the greatness of customs and culture of Lampung and respectable level of  life.
Umbrella : Stretchers as many as  17, edge segment  8, boundary line of segment 19 and umbrella tassel  45. This means that glorious umbrella symbolises the Republic of Indonesia proclaimed on August 17th, 1945 and this umbrella also symbolises a shade for protecting her people. Umbrella tube and ferrule : meaning one ideal to build the Republic of Indonesia with the blessing of the All Mighty God.

Colour : Green  = fertile Highland for trees and seasonal crops. Brown = Fertile lowlands for paddy fields.
Blue =  Wealth of river and ocean which are the source of fish and income for fishermen.
White = Purity of heart  and sincerity of the community.

Yellow (strong, golden, and light) = Greatness and wealth as well as  the greatness of ideals of Lampung community to build the region and the country.


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