Lampung Hash Scribe 447


Lampung Hash House Harriers

Run No 447
Location Sekolah PolisiNegara (SPN) Kemiling
Hares/Cohares Akam, Acit, Adnan, Salim
Date/Time December 11th, 2011/06:30 am

How to get there: From Bambu Kuning Plaza, follow Jl. Imam Bonjol till you reach Kemiling. At the Hash Sign Post, turn left. The on-in is near SPN. Be there on time !

Scribe Run No.446 (Batu Putu Run)

The run started going down the slope of a valley. The clean river down there seemed to await all front runners who rushed past the bushy track. Some slipped and slid heavily down. “on down….!!’, shouted the front hashers seemingly proud of themselves being among the strongest hashers ever with Lampung Hash House Harriers.

After landed on the first river, the pack ran along the side of the river. The track was clearly marked and it  seemed it was an often-traveled track. The villagers who live nearby use this trail to go up and down from the neighboring village. While we were joggin along, we met a couple of villagers carrying their produce to be sold. Their legs were light and it seemed as if they were not carrying anything.

After about 65 minutes, most of us covered half way of the total length of the trails. We were all sweaty as if we were just plunged into the river. This is a very good run. Thank clever hares who found this location for us all.

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