Bambu Kuning Square

Bandar Lampung has another shopping center near the train station. The official opening was on January 25th, 2012. It is hoped that Bambu Kuning square will be able to reduce the current flow of shoppers to Bambu Kuning market, which is always too crowded.

Bambu Kuning square or Bambu Kuning Plaza is situated on a block of land to the right of the train station. With this new building, the area, which was previously  slummy  and dirty, looks more elegant and it will attract shoppers to visit it.

It is too bad that after several months of grand opening, the number of sellers who rent the shop moved to other places. Now what you see there are only a few shops. This is beyond the owner's expectation. What was planned was that many businessmen would open their shops at Bambu Kuning Square but what really happened was that many shoppers were not interested in shopping there, although Bambu Kuning Square is very strategic.


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