Bukit Barisan Lampung

Bukit Barisan National Park II

Kota Agung
Bukit Barisan National Park II is the government-protected forest inhabited by the endangered species. Animals such as elephants,   tigers,  rhinoceros,  forest water buffalo, birds, and many others are also protected from extinction. Besides that the forest is also overgrown by  such very rare flora as snake plant and various kinds of orchid. The National Park  located at the extreme  south of the Sumatra Island is  a part of  Tanggamus Regency territory. The location is very suitable  for  tour activities, which aim to develop research on existing habitat. The snake plant is located at the edge of Tanggamus Regency Territory adjacent to  the West Lampung Regency Territory. 

How to Get There
To reach the location which is about 40 km, we may  drive to get there  from Kota Agung (the capital city of Tanggamus District). The  trip takes you approximately 50 minutes. If you are from Radin Inten Airport. there are number of vehicles to rent. To go there cheaply, first you have to take a bus from Rajabasa Terminal. There is a bus service there for Kota Agung city.

The fauna includes elephants, Sumatran Rhinos, tigers, honey bears, wild buffaloes, tapirs, deer, wild dogs, and tortoises. While the flora in the area includes tropical forest vegetation, rare orchid species, arnorphallus and rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world. A historical monument in the form of  a light house as tall as 57 metres is found in Belimbing Bay. It was built in the era of the Dutch King Willem III in 1879. From the lighthouse we can view  the ocean , the tropical forest and the Japanese remains--an airstrip of the Second World War.


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