Kiluan Bay in Lampung

How to get to Kiluan Bay:


From Bakauheni seaport, it takes you about 8 hours to arrive at Kiluan bay located at 105.2 east longitude and 5.7 degrees latitude south. Or it is 80 km to the south from the city of Bandar Lampung. From bakauheni follow the main road leading to Panjang. When you arrive in Panjang (about 90 km from Bakauheni seaport), find a T-intersection, and turn left at it and turn right again after 200 meters. That's the road that leads you to Telukbetung. 

From Telukbetung find the road towards Lempasing, from which the journey to Kiluan beach starts. After you pass the Mutun beach resort (about 15 km from Telukbetung), the road gets narrower and rather winding. 

Along this snaky, narrow road you will have a beautiful sea view of Lampung bay on your left. Another possible way to reach Kiluan bay from Telukbetung is to hire a boat available at the Cungkeng fishing village in Telukbetung area. Cungkeng fishing village is located in Gudang Agen in Telukbetung. The cost to hire a boat is approximately Rp.700.000,--including the trip back to Telukbetung. This takes about 4 hours.

inside the cottage at Kiluan bay
inside the cottage
If you rent a car in Telukbetung, your driving experience will stop at Desa Bawang (Onion Village, from which Kiluan bay  is about 7 km to go) because at this point there is no safe  way to reach Kiluan Bay by 4-wheel vehicle. Although it is possible to reach Kiluan by car, the road is very bad for you, so you are recommended for your next journey to the hidden paradise to use commercial motorcycles. This is a lot safer. There are many motorcycle owners (ojek) who will rent their bikes. Of course you don't ride it yourselves. The motorbike owners will do the riding. Another dangerous riding awaits you since the trails to Kiluan are up and down with steep valleys on both sides of the trail. Sometimes you have to get off the bike due to a few parts of the trail being too dangerous to ride in. After about 50 minutes' ride through a mountainous terrain you will reach this hidden paradise. A spectacular view of beautiful blue sea with white sandy beach is there awaiting you. Around it are green jungles on the slope of the hills where you can hear birds and other animals sounding in turn as if welcoming you.

By the time you arrive on Kiluan beach, there are young coconut sellers, from whom you can buy a young coconut at Rp.5,000.-- each.

Another attraction you will find here is a dolphin show. To be able to see this show, you still need a boat to get a bit further to the middle of the sea. At least there are 2 types of dolphins here: bottle-shape one and long beak one. The first is bigger and shy while the latter is smaller and loves jumping.

Stay in Kiluan beach resort for a few days to explore more. Staying only for a day will not be adequate if you really love vacationing. There are more you can see--fishermen catching lots of  lobsters deep under the cafe. Fishermen have to snorkel diving to catch lobsters. Four or five fishermen go by motor boat to reach the cafe, around which is deep sea water filled with various kinds of lobster.

Dolphin population is getting smaller in number due to illegal hunting. To protect and preserve nature around  Bay, a nature-loving foundation has been founded.

On Kiluan, there are a few cottages to rent and some small restaurants run by villagers. Don't worry the villagers around are very nice and trustworthy. If you are surfing enthusiasts, you are in the right place.  Kiluan is also as beautiful as Tanjung Setia in Krui West Lampung.


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