One of Beautiful places to visit in Lampung--Krakatau Resort

the only one left from explotion
Krakatau (Krakatoa) has been well known since its world-shaking eruption in 1883. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. However, it is now one of tourism potentials in Bandar lampung. It offers not only marine but also mountain tourism.

Diving enthusiasts will never refuse an invitation to the Krakatau (Krakatoa) Child, around which divers are offered the beauty of underwater scenery. If you are lucky enough, you will be encountered with dolphins,  green turtles, hawksbill, and many other sea animals.
Until now, local and foreign visitors to the volcano are still few in numbers for the simple reasons that it costs a lot of money to get there. The package tours usually charge Rp.2,600,000 to Rp.3,000,000.—per group (one group should consists of 10 persons at the most). If you want to get to Krakatau(Krakatoa). a lot cheaper, you will have to wait till an annual event in Lampung  is held by the local government of Lampung.  For this event, each person is charged only Rp.200,000.—

If you are already in Bandar Lampung city, take a bus   to Kalianda city in South Lampung (it is 67 km from Bandar Lampung). Find Canti dock, which is about 15 minutes’ driving from Kalianda. You can rent a motor boat from the local people who live there. The Krakatau (Krakatoa). volcano area is now under the supervision of Lampung Conservation Agency. To enter it you are charged Rp.150,000.—
Ship wreckage as a result of  the Krakatau  (Krakatoa) explosion in 1883 can be found in Bandar Lampung city just next to  a police office (Polda office) in Telukbetung, Lampung. The wreckage  is the only one left and the local government of Bandar Lampung has founded a construction to hold the ship wreckage on the top  as a symbol of historical remain so that Bandar Lampung residents and visitors can always remember that the city of Bandar Lampung was once a victim of a deadly explosion of Krakatau ((Krakatoa).
The devastating  Krakatau explosion in 1883 swept away the low lying area of Teluk Betung and Panjang along the Lampung Bay. The tsunami went up  as far as  the highest part of Bandar Lampung killing all who lived in the area of Teluk Betung. Actually there were two shipwreckages. The other one was the body of a boat but now it is no longer left. It may have been torn apart by the local people.

Contacting the tourism agency of the local government may help you get a detailed information on Krakatau resort in Lampung province.

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