Lampung introduce Bus Rapid Transit


Bus Rapid Transit was tested for 4 days from November 11 to 17. The 4-day trial has proven to achieve 32,520 passengers.
The residents of Bandar Lampung have been looking forward to the bus rapid transit system being adopted by the local government. Now what they have dreamed of has come true although it is still being tested. It is hoped that BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) in Bandar Lampung will soon cover all routes.
The local government's plan to use BRT is actually protested by most mikrolet drivers. They will hold a rally in front of the local government office on November 21st, 2011. We will see what will happen next.

All in all, despite the protest, BRT service is what residents want. It helps residents who want to travel around the city with full comfort away from secondhand smoke and other pollution.

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