Lampung Mountainbiking


Mountainbiking in Lampung is not as popular as that in Java. for example, in Jakarta mountainbiking clubs are big in number. Their biking activities have amazed bikers from Lampung. In terms of mountain biking sites, Bandar Lampung should be the one that can boast about its spectacular terrains well suited for mountainbiking. Its clean fresh air around the hills is something any bikers have to consider.
For the last 3 years, mountainbiking activities have regained its popularity They disappeared in 2003, and were not heard of their existance for quite a long time. Now bike shops are available for bikers who want to buy new bikes or plan to change or upgrade the components of their bikes.
Every weekend, members of Lampung bike clubs meet on Wahhalim Sport Venue. They then head for a remote area like rubber plantations, Gunung Balau Site, Gunung Kunci and many more places.

Should you want to visit us in Bandar Lampung to go mountain biking, just let me know. I may fix you up with necessary accomodation that you may need during your stay in Bandar Lampung.

At present, there are small groups of mountain biking who travel to the nearby mountains or hill. Bandar Lampung really has plenty of bike trails. Just let me know when you come.

Mountainbiking Clubs flourish in Bandar Lampung


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