Lampung Traditional House

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Lampung Traditional Houses

Speaking of Lampung customs there are four clans, representative of four palaces in Bandar Lampung named Bandar Palak. This is symbolized in the symbol of Lampung, in the form of drawings of four flower stalks in the siger area which suggests that there are descendants of the four factions in Lampung.

So if the people of Lampung have a traditional home built in the form of sesat agung, temu lunjuk, pusiban or other forms , the building must have four doors. If it is made high, four steps are also rising as shown in this picture below:

Lampung Traditional houses still exist in the remote areas of Krui, Kotabumi, Manggala, Liwa and other places. If you find traditional houses in the city of Bandar Lampung, they are probably used only for special event like celebrating Independence day on every August 17th.

Original traditional houses are all made of woods. If you find the ones made of concretes, they might have been modified already as nowadays finding woods is really difficult.


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