Monkey Forest in Bandar Lampung


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The Local Government will soon process certification of Titrosari Sumurbatu Monkey Forest, North Telukbetung, and build a fence to maintain the ecology of apes as a tourist attraction.
Mayor Herman H.N. said a tourist attraction located at an area of ​​2 acres should be professionally managed. The initial steps to be taken is to  legalize this  ecological tourist area with a land certificate owned by  Bandar Lampung, and  take care of  this region by building a  guardrail including  various other supporting facilities.

All these are carried out to attract tourists to Monkey Forest Park and to maintain forest ecosystems and the remains of the Dutch-built tunnel. So far visitors could only see monkeys. There should be others that could be enjoyed by them said the mayor when visiting the site.
 The forest is inhabited by approximately 80 apes. The number decreases every year due to lack of handling by the Department of Culture and Tourism.
How to Get To Monkey Forest 
From Rajabasa Terminal, take a bus and get off at Tirtosari. If you don’t know your way around the city, it is very important for you to tell driver where you want to get off by telling him the name of the place.
After you get off the bus, find an “ojek” to take you to the forest monkey. They should know where it is. Make sure you have something to eat for the monkey so that you can get close to them. The monkeys will approach you if you have something to eat for them.


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