Beach Resorts--Mutun Lampung


Mutun Beach, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

Located more or less 15 km to the south from Bandar Lampung City, Mutun Beach is easier to reach compared  to other welknown beach resorts. Its clear and clean seawater makes it wellknown to most local visitors. No wonder every weekend this beach is swarmed by local weekenders coming from all regencies of Lampung Province. Saturday and Sunday are busy time for the beach management. If you plan to visit it on weekends, you will not get a nice place for you to relax unless you visit it very early in the morning when few visitors are present there.

Mutun is ideal for swimming, snorkle diving, and wind surfing. However, most visitors to Mutun love beach combing or stay together with friends or family on a mat of their own or in a rented hut along the beach. If you are hikers, you can also hike. Around the beach there are path or trails that lead up to a nearby hill and brings you back to the beach again. This is quite challenging but enjoyable. If you enjoy doing this, you can join Lampung Hash, which meets every Sunday morning in different places.
Lampung residents are well informed of the direction to Mutun beach but if you are visitors you may ask the hotel where you stay. It is approximately 15 km from Bandar Lampung city or about 30 minutes’ driving. There is a sign post directing you to a stone and dirt road. The road condition here is bad, so driving low vehicles is not recommended. After almost 2 km following the dirt road—some parts of the road have holes in it—you will arrive on the beach. This beach is not free of charge. You have to pay an entrance ticket charged for individuals and the vehicle you drive.



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