Picnic On The Beach--Where To Go Picnicking

Where to go for picnic on the beach?

One of the frequently visited beach resorts in Lampung for picnic on the beach  is Selaki Beach resort situated in southern part of Bandar Lampung City. It is 45 km from Kalianda, South Lampung, or 25 km from Bandar Lampung. What it boasts about is its easy access from the main road of Soekarno-Hatta. From Bandar Lampung,  just before you an uphill road toward Kalianda,  turn right into its entrance gate.

The beach is usually crowded on weekends but not as crowded as Mutun Beach. Nowadays, more local weekenders prefer going to Mutun to picnic on the beach, which is probably because Mutun offers a cheaper entrance ticket than Selaki. In terms of variety of things to do that you can do, Selaki provides more things to do. Here you can go biking farther along the beach and play a  beach volleyball.

A family picnic on the beach would be much better done here on Selaki beach resort. The area not being over crowded makes your leisure time with members of family more worthwhile.

What lacks on Selaki beach resort is that facilities are not professionally managed yet. There are no toilets or changing boots in the area. One more important thing to keep in mind is that do not let children play in the water without your supervision as there is no one employed to keep tabs on swimmers here. With regard to a picnic on the beach, I would say Selaki beach resort (Pantai Tanjung Selaki) is the best for the simple reasons:

    Easy access to the beach; so, all kinds of cars can easily enter Selaki beach area. Unlike Mutun beach resort, to enter it you have to go through a rough road (approximately 2 km) to the beach area. A quiet picnic on the beach here at Mutun is not as good as Selaki beach in terms of easy access.
    Pasir Putih beach is easily accessed as well but there are too many visitors; so picnicking on the beach here is not at all a good idea.
    Kiluan beach would probably be the best if only it were so close to the city of Bandar Lampung. Kiluan is for an extended picnic on the beach. You need to spend a couple of days there to enjoy the spectacular view of the bay

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