Shopping Around


When you visit Bandar Lampung, there are some places for shopping and hanging out at. You will find the shopping centers easily. 
In Bandar Lampung with population of 800,000 people, shopping centers are within walking distance or if you drive, it takes you only 5 minutes to reach the shopping center from your hotel.

Several big and modern shopping centers are Hypermart located on Jl. Kartini, Moka (Kartini Mall)  on the same street, Chandra, Ramayana near the wellknown Taqwa mosque , and Simpur mall. The oldest and most visited shopping center is Chandra that also owns a hotel attached to it. Recently built and opened is Bumi Kedaton Mall, which is now the most popular one.

Mall Kartini and Simpur Mall provide mobile phone corners on the first floor. If you would like to buy secondhand or new phones just visit either one. The mobile phone corners sell not only new phones but second hand cellphones as well. For clothes, you can buy it at Bambu Kuning but you should be able to haggle over the price because the sellers at Bambu Kuning usually offer very high prices for their goods.

Traditional markets are also worth visiting if you want to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. Pasar SMEP and Gintung are where you  can visit to buy fresh fish, fresh vegetable and many more things  including fruits and other kitchen needs.

Electronics can also be bought on Jl. Pemuda and Jl.Pangkal Pinang not far from Pasar Tengah or from Simpur Mall. You will find that many types of electronics are sold by most shops on Jl. Pemuda and on Jl. Pangkat Pinang. It is said that prices of electronics are lower than the ones at malls.
More information about shopping centers will be available soon.



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