Siger Tower in Lampung

Bakauheni Lampung Selatan
Bakauheni now 2018
This beautiful tower is clearly visible   from a ferry heading for the seaport of Bakauheni. Situated on top of a hill about 800 meters from the Bakauheni sea port , the tower looks like a beautiful  monument that seems to welcome passengers traveling from Java.

In Lampung, Siger is a crown-like form symbolizing  dignity  of Lampung culture and respected walks of life. The siger crown is often worn by brides at the wedding reception as it is considered as a feminine symbol.

The Siger Tower was officially inaugurated by Lampung Governor on April 30th, 2008 and is hoped to be able to promote Lampung in tourism sector. It is also said that Siger Tower is expected to be the tallest tower, which will be famous not only in Indonesia but abroad as well.

If you pay a visit to this site, you will find a lot of information on travel distances, so you wll know distances from point to point. For example you will be informed of the distance between Bakauheni and Banda Aceh. All information is clearly written out on the board on the second floor of the tower. Also spectacular view of the sea easily enjoyed from this 100 meter Siger Tower. Banten coastal  area which is only 27 km is also visible from here as long as the weather is clear and shiny.

Many travelers drop by at the tower to have a rest. If they want to enter the tower, admission fee is charged ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 IDR. Should you travel to Lampung, make sure you drop by before continuing your trip.

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