Souvenir from Lampung

Lampung is rich in natural resources ready to be processed as delicious food. Various types of food and snacks are available at amost every corner of Bandar Lampung City. Lampung typical Food and snacks can be enjoyed straight away  or you can have it packed to be brought home. One of the shops that sells Lampung typical  snacks is on Jl. Ikan Kakap. Along this street are shops selling various typical snacks: banana chips and candied fruit, and crackers.

Other places where you can find similar food and snacks are:

  • on Jl. Kartini and Kotaraja
  • on Jl. ZA Pagar Alam
  • on Jl. Sultan Agung and Jl. Pangeran Emir M. Noor
  • Jl. Kimaja, Way Halim
Lampung is also famous for its  produce such as  durians. When durians are in season, you can always find them on  almost every street of Bandar Lampung City or you can visit durian plantations just about a couple of kilometers from the center of the city.



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