Sunda Strait Bridge Connecting Java And Sumatera

photo by padang
Indonesia has planned to build a Sunda Strait bridge that connects Java and Sumatra.
The construction planning of Sunda Bridge has now developed into a feasibility study phase, which includes basic design, technological identification and decisions on financial management type.  This indicates that the planning has shown its way to a more feasible path to reality. We all hope this will come true. Sunda Strait Bridge will be the widest and longest that connects two islands in Indonesia.

photo by ekbis.sindonews
The pre feasibility study was conducted by private enterprise like PT Bangun Artha Graha, which recommended an option to link Lampung and Java by constructing a bridge. The bridge will approximately take 15 years to complete including feasibility research.

The central government in Jakarta and local government of Lampung Province are very enthusiastic about the realization of this bridge construction as soon as possible for the simple reason that the Sunda straight bridge will become one of Lampung province’s icons. The world is watching this as it is a spectacular bridge with its suspension as high as 150 meters. “We hope that this bridge will look very much like Golden Gate Bridge and Sydney Harbor Bridge, “said Hermanto, a vice minister of Public Work. Other sources also mentioned the bridge would accommodate double track railways, four-lane road, and a track for two wheeled vehicles. There will be a stopover  on the island just before Merak seaport.

According to Kompas news dated November 25th, 2011, the government is optimistic about the realization of this bridge construction although the government has not issued the rule that regulates the project. It is hoped that the construction will begin in 2014. Lampung residents are certainly looking forward to it because if the Sunda Strait bridge becomes a reality, traveling to and from Lampung will be 2 hours faster than by traveling by sea.

Some Lampung residents doubt the government’s plan to build a Sunda Strait bridge as in the middle of the strait, there is an active Krakatau Child that may erupt any time. However, this fear is baseless. The plan will go on no matter what people think about it.

Now, it is the year of 2018, no news has been heard about it. Did the feasibility study mentioned above really take place?


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