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Tapis cloth is women's clothing in the form of sarongs made of woven cotton material with a decorative motif, floss with silver or embroidered gold thread. Therefore, Tapis of Lampung is the work of cotton yarn with a pattern woven, yarn and silver or gold threads into clothing typical of Lampung tribe. This type of woven clothes is usually worn on the waist to the bottom of the form of gloves made of cotton yarn with a pattern like the motif of nature, flora and fauna that are embroidered with gold thread and silver thread.

Tapis of Lampung includes Traditional Crafts for equipment used in making the basic fabric and dressing motives done by craftsmen. These crafts are made by women, both housewives and girls whom were originally to fill his spare time in order to meet the demands of tradition considered sacred. Tapestry fabrics are currently produced by craftsmen with varied decorative forms as commodity items having high economic value.

Since ancient time people of Lampung has had some kind of traditional dress in the form of sarongs woven and embroidered in gold thread. This kind of dress is worn by brides on ceremonial wedding occasions.  In addition to that, Tapis dress is worn by traditional dancers and persons carrying tray to welcome very important guests such as governmental officials or highly respected clan leaders. In recent years, Tapis clothes are widely worn by people who have to attend either traditional or formal ceremonies.

Form of embroidery motifs is various depending on  Lampung regions. In each region there are several kinds of motif as well. All together, there are more Tapis motifs as follows:
Nowadays, Tapis sarongs are machine-produced and may be for such accessories as wallets, hats and key holders.

Tapis craft used to be dominated by older women or young girls but now all can participate in making it since Tapis industries are open to all who are looking for a job.
If you are interested in traditional Lampung Tapis, please pay a visit to Lampung as there are a number of Tapis clothes art shops. Most visitors to Bandar Lampung city buy Tapis clothes to be brought home as souvenir gifts.


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