Transport in Bandar Lampung


Transportation within Bandar Lampung City
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Bandar Lampung city is reached either by air or by land. There is an  airport named Radin Inten located about 22 km from the city. This is the only airport to go through. If you fly from Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia), there is a direct flight to Bandar Lampung via various airliners (Garuda, Batavia, Sriwijaya, and lion airliners are now available). It takes only 45 minutes to reach Radin Inten Airport from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Arrival in Radin Inten Airport:
As soon as you arrive, there are a number of airport taxis waiting at the airport carpark. There is no fixed taxi fare, so you have to haggle over the cost to Bandar Lampung city. The fare maybe around Rp.100,000 to Rp.130.000. If you don’t try to haggle over it, the chances are high that you will be overcharged off. Some travelers may want to go straight to tourist attraction. Say for instance, their destination is Krui city, which is in west Lampung (approximately 200 km to the west). Krui is a place for surfing. This is not possible to take a taxi. Find a minibus. There are some at the airport. Ask the security guard about it. Again here haggling is important. Drivers tend to charge you too much at the beginning.

Travel by car or bus
If you start from Java, you have to go through Merak seaport to reach Bakauheni seaport. From Jakarta bus terminals, there are many buses that take passengers to Merak or you may rent a minibus in Jakarta but this costs you more money. The approximate time is one hour by bus to Merak. Ferry tickets are available for third class and second class. You may take a third class and move to the second class by paying extra charge. Be fully aware of pickpockets aboard the ferry.

 It takes you around 3 hours or sometimes more  by ferry to arrive at Bakauheni. There is still another 2 to 3 hours (depending on the traffic and the road condition ) driving from the seaport to Bandar Lampung City  . All together, you need about more 8 hours from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung.

Arrival at Rajabasa bus terminal:
All buses stop at this terminal. All passengers are dropped off here. To go to the center of the city you have to take a minivan (light blue color) or a few taxis are also available. Taxis are better in terms of easy access to hotels. They take you to the hotels you want. If you take a minivan. You will need another transport to reach your hotels.

Public Minubuses Around Bandar Lampung
Exploring the city of Bandar Lampung can be a lot of fun non residents. There are at least 4 minibuses that take you around the city:

  1. Rajabasa - Tanjungkarang Minibuses: You will find a lot of light blue minubuses taking you from Rajabasa terminal to the center of the city. They go through Jl.ZA Pagar Alam, Jl. Teuku Umar, and into Jl.Raden Intan up to "Pasar Bawah or Pasar Tengah. They drop off and pick up passengers there. You may also catch the minibus along Jl.Teuku Umar or Jl.ZA Pagar Alam.
  2. Teluk Betung - Tanjungkarang Minibuses: The dark brown minibuses go through Jl.Raden Intan, Jl.Diponegoro, Jl.Salim Batu Bara down to Jl.Malahayati toward the bus terminal in Telukbetung. From Telukbetung, the minibuses go through Jl.Diponegoro or Jl.Walter Mongunsidi, and mostly they turn right into Jl.Cut Mutia towards Jl.Diponegoro.
  3. Tanjungkarang - Pahoman Minibuses.The minibus color is green.
  4. Tanjungkarang - Wayhalim and Tanjung Senang Minibus.
  5. Tanjungkarang - Sukarame. Gray minibus.
  6. Tanjungkarang - Ratulangi
  7. Tanjungkarang - Kemiling
All these minibuses charge Rp.3,000.-- up to Rp.4,000 per passenger regardless of distance to cover.


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