Way Kambas Lampung


Way Kambas Lampung

Way Kambas
Way Kambas Taman Nasional
Way Kambas is one of the national parks in Lampung Province, Indonesia, in addition to Bukit Barisan National Park.  Way Kambas covers a total area of 128,450 hectares consisting of swamp and lowland rain forest. Such endangered species as tigers, rhinoceroses, and elephants are still found here. There are about 99 elephants under the supervision of the conservation office, while the others are still wild.  The 99 elephants are tame and ready to entertain visitors to Way Kambas Training Center. Some of the things tame elephants can do are that they follow what the tamers ask them to do. For instance, all tame elephants are ready to play football, to take visitors around the forests, and to swim in the lake. The most wanted attraction is touring around the forests by elephants.

Although the elephants are already tame, the tamers are always there to accompany you just in case unexpected things turn up. However, all tame elephants have so far acted as instructed by the tamers. There have been no incidents reported on the elephants being wild uncontrollably.

How to get to Way Kambas:

It depends on where you start your trip. If you are from Bandar Lampung, you can drive your own car past Metro City (about 50 km), then carry on past Way Sekampung till you get to the dual carriage way that leads to the cross road. To the left is a road leading to the center office of East Lampung Regency. To the right is the road to Bakauheni seaport. To reach Way Kambas Training Center, you keep straight ahead. If you don’t want to get lost, you’d be better off hiring a guide who can come along with you, or rent a minivan to take you there. Renting a car or minivan usually includes the drivers.
Make sure you go to Way Kambas very early in the morning so that you will have plenty of time exploring Way Kambas Elephant Training Center. There are no hotels around Way Kambas District; so, if you want to spend the night, you’d be better off looking for a hotel in Metro City, about 27 km from Way Kambas. Metro city has a night life which enables you to stroll around the city.

News About Way Kambas:
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