Way Lalaan Waterfall in Tanggamus


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Way Lalaan waterfall is situated at the foot of  Tanggamus Mountain. It is a terraced waterfall with a distance of 200 m from one terrace to another.  The waterfall stream comes from  a river of Way  Lalaan that disembogues into Semangka bay.  The downfall reaches the ground from a height of approximately 11 m.

The waterfall has been famous since  1937—the era of Dutch Colonial Government. The stone ladder that leads down to the base of the waterfall was also built in that era.

Geographical location
It is situated in Kampung Baru Village, North Kotaagung District ,  Tanggamus Regency, Lampung Province at the  coordinates of  5° 29' 6.86" S  104° 41' 24.90" E   

How to get there
It’s 8 Km from  Kotaagung, the capital city of  Tanggamus Regency or it is 80 Km (1.5  -  2 hours) from Bandar Lampung city. To reach the waterfall you need about 15 minutes’ drive at moderate speed from Batu Keramat to   Way Lalaan village. From the main road, turn left into a smaller road for about 300 m till you see a gate. Here you can park your car.  From the parking lot you will follow the ladder that goes down to the waterfall site.

Facilities and Accomodation

There are shelters and fitting room only, so spending the night here is also possible as long as you have your own tent. 

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