Bumi Kedaton Resort in Bandar Lampung

photo by fajr.blogdetik.com
Not far from the center of Bandar Lampung City, there is a park with swimming pool and some cottages located in Desa Batu Putuk. The park consists of a small zoo with various animals. It is also a place for family meeting and an outbond site.
Bumi Kedaton Resort is open everyday but on weekend, it is usually crowded with local visitors from Lampung  Regencies. If you plan a quiet and undisturbed moment, visit this place on other days.

If you are fed up with beaches, this place is one of many places that you can visit in Lampung. Spending the quiet night in one of the hotel rooms in Bumi Kedaton Resort is also enjoyable and comfortable.

It takes approximately 20 minutes by car from the city. There is no public transport to this area, so you can rent a car or go by taxi.

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