The Best Places for Groceries: Traditional Markets in Bandar Lampung

Pasar Waykandis
traditional market Way Kandis
Traditional markets are market places where you can buy almost anything from groceries, foods, fish, meat and many other basic needs for your daily needs. At the traditional markets prices are not labeled but prices from one seller to another for the same product or produce are more or less the same. However, haggling over prices is still necessary. Some sellers usually give you higher prices at the beginning. If you don't ask to get the price down, you will pay a higher price for the things you want to buy.
bubur kampiun di way halim
Bubur Kampiun way halim

In Bandar Lampung, there are several places where traditional markets can be found. In Tanjungkarang, it is located on Jl.Imam Bonjol near Bambu Kuning Market building. It opens from very early in the morning till late at night. For vegetable, fish, and meat, you can not buy it later than 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The best time to do the shopping there is early in the morning.

Telukbetung has one traditional market, which is big enough. It's called Pasar Kangkung where residents of Telukbetung rely on this traditional market to buy what they need.
sate padang tiga putra bandar lampung
Sate Padang Tiga Putra

Panjang is a city near an old harbor. The traditional market is smaller in size compared to Pasar Kangkung. People living in Panjang shop here for their daily need from groceries to small tools needed to fix things up in the house.
Kedaton is proud of having Pasar Koga, which caters the same stuffs  as others do. The only drawback of this traditional market is its limited parking space.
Pasar Wayhalim
pasar wayhalim
Pasar Wayhalim is visited by people living in Wayhalim housing complex. It is said that prices are rather higher than in Tanjungkarang near Bambu Kuning. A bit further to the northeast is Pasar Way Kandis and Pasar Tempel. They cater groceries and other stuffs for people living in Tanjung Senang and Waykandis.

There are still more Traditional markets in Bandar Lampung.

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