Places to Stay Cheaply in Bandar Lampung

Hotel murah di Bandar Lampung
Not all visitors to Bandar Lampung like to stay in expensive hotels. Even some foreign tourists prefer staying in cheaper hotels.

If you visit Bandar Lampung and your budget is limited, find cheap hotels to stay in. You can find some near Bambu Kuning market on jl. Teuku Umar. There are a few near the train station. Ask the people around as cheap hotels (they call cheap hotels "Losmen") do not have billboards. A few cheap hotels are also available on Jl.Teuku Umar but you will find it difficult to find foods to eat along this street.

The most strategic cheap hotels are Hotel Mini, Hotel Gading, and Wisma Gatam (Previously called Ria hotel)  located just in back of Begadang I restaurant. Ria hotel is located exactly on Jl. Teuku Umar not far from Hotel Mini and Gading.  Food stalls are abundant in that area. Besides, they are not too far from the train station.

Most hotels can be found along Jl. Raden Intan. Some hotels offer relatively low rates.

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