Digger Cafe--One of Beautiful Places to Visit

Digger cafe is located on the slope of a hill overlooking a Lampung bay. While having lunch you can have a clear view of Lampung bay. This place is also excellent for meeting, or informal gatherings. Ever day, you will be entertained by a band with beautiful singers. You can also practice singing there if you want to.

If managed well, Digger cafe will become of the tourists attraction in Lampung as its location is very strategic and the best place for attracting tourists. I am sure tourists from around the world will come and visit this cafe.

Around the cafe is still occupied by groups of private houses, which prevent the cafe from being clearly noticed from the main road.

The foods and drinks that are offered are just ordinary ones also offered by many restaurants in Lampung. What is so special about this cafe is its beatiful and strategic location that will attrack visitors. Also available is live music performance here. You can sing or just enjoy listening to some people singing.

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