Kalianda Resort--Comfortable Cottages in South Lampung

It is a hotel that has cottages with large gardens just near the white sandy beach in South Lampung, Indonesia. 
Located approximately 70 km from the city of Bandar Lampung, the resort is a must visit for those eager to spend a quiet vacation either individually or in groups and individuals with family. Sports facilities such as beach volley ball fields, foot ball, jogging are also provided. 

At night, there is a live music band and a singing hall. Open space restaurant that are provided is a convenient play to just lie about. The shady park around the hotel is a comfortable and cool one to just walk around or do your jogging or other sports of your choice.
Cottages are separated from the main building of a hotel but they are within reach and only about 100 meters away. A mosque in the hotel area is available for Muslims to perform prayers.
To reach Kalianda resort, contact your tour agency; they will provide you with detailed information about this breathtaking tourism resort..

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