Bay In Lampung

Lampung Bay indeed has potential to become the best tourism resort in Indonesia. What the local government has to do about it is to find fund to relocate residents living around the bay. Lampung bay will not only make the city more beautiful and interesting but bring more profit from visitors around the world.

The only problem for the local government is probably it has not got skilled manpower to deal with this very big project—that is to create Lampung Bay as one of the most attractive tourism resorts in Indonesia.

Lampung Bay is very strategic in terms of geographical location. It is easily reachable from the capital city of Indonesia and is only 45 minutes from the airport of Radin Inten II. When Lampung Bay becomes tourist resort, it all depends on how serious the local government of Lampung is in making this into reality.

Bandar Lampung is not too crowded compared to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, and is surrounded by beautiful hilly landscape.  Lampung Bay is easily viewed from all corners of hill tops around the bay.

Residents of Bandar Lampung City are not so enthusiastic regarding the local government plan to improve the look of Lampung Bay for the simple reason that most of them do not seem to trust the capability of the available manpower to start the project. However, over time, Bandar Lampung city will be much better.

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