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More About Traditional Houses in Lampung

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More About Traditional Houses in Lampung
If you visit Lampung province,  you will find many beautiful places that you can visit. Some of them are traditional houses of Lampung tribes. Originally, the houses are made of wood but now the use of bricks is common. Most villages in remote areas of Lampung are characterized by the traditional houses. In the city, there are only a few areas with traditionally built houses.

All traditional houses have raised floor levels. Below the floor is an empty space. A ladder is built for house owners to get up to the floor. The front part is usually without wall or open. Most members of the family get together or laze away here.

In the city, most traditional houses are not used for everyday living. The houses have been built for yearly occasions like August 17th Independence Day. There are about 17 different traditional houses, each representing one region. For example, South Lampung is represented by one traditional house; North Lampung is also represented by North Lampung traditional house. Although there are 17 different traditional houses, there is one similarity that each house has; that is the raised floor under which is an empty space. If you want to know the real traditional houses that are used for everyday living, you have to go to remote villages in each region.

Traditional houses should be preserved as one of the historical evidences. In my opinion, the local government should prepare special fund to restore any traditional houses that are damaged or need improving. Most traditional houses are privately owned by villagers and the authority do not think that it is the responsibility of the government to repair the houses but in a broad sense, any traditional houses have potential attraction to draw tourists’ attention to visit Indonesia, especially to Lampung Province, and if this happens, the government will obtain income from foreign sector. This is not yet understood by the local government. There should be some educated people living there who can help  a village head make a proposal  to the government as regard to traditional houses needing maintaining for the simple reason that they are some of the country asset.

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