Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Train Traffic Causes The Biggest Congestion

By on 9:10 PM

Train railway goes across the town and cuts many roads in the city. When the train travels certain roads where railways cuts them have to be closed to allow the train to go through. Many of the train have very long carriages which make all vehicles from both directions have to wait, causing heavy traffic jams. In Bandar Lampung, there are approximately 4 points which trains have to go through. The most densely jammed traffic occurs on Jl. Sultan Agung, Arif Sumoharjo and the one on Jl. Untung Suropati.

Untung Suropati
The trains travel every 20 minutes. Imagine when the train has very long carriages, the congestion may take more than 5 minutes. In my opinion the local government should do the coordination with the train company to find a solution to avoid this troublesome and annoying traffic jam.