Beautiful Places: Klara Beach Resort


Beautiful Places: Klara Beach Resort

Maybe the beach Klara was new to lovers of nautical tourism in the country. To reach here you only take more than one hour from Lampung Branti Airport. Unfortunately the beach has not been promoted for a long time by the Local Government of Pesawaran, which was established   three years ago. So tourists have not yet been informed of this new resort.  So far tourists only know   Elephant Conservation Centre in Way Kambas National Park.

Klara's name is taken from the abbreviation of huddling coconut trees, where you will see a lot of coconut trees there huddling very close tougher. Klara is very safe beach located right on Lampung bay overlooking Southwest Lampung. Although the road to get there is not too wide but still smooth and the holes in the road do not seem to interfere with the rider. The road is travelable by Medium-sized tour bus. But when the more vehicles meet at one point from opposite directions, one or more vehicles from the same direction should allow the passing by moving a little to the road shoulder so that other vehicles from opposite direction can pass safely.
clara beach

The atmosphere of a gently sloping white sand beach is perfect for a day trip of all ages. Waves at this beach can be said absolutely nothing because the Bay of Lampung is very far from the open ocean. Small waves which may be more suitable it will be called ripples give a sense of security when carrying a toddler and playing on the beach.
Klara beach facilities include an open field shaded by coconut trees, gazebo for shelter, food and drink stalls, toilets and ample parking can hold hundreds of vehicles and their personnel security.

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