Beautiful Places To Visit: QueenArta Beach Resort

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Beautiful Places to Visit in Lampung--Queenarta Beach Resort

Beaches in Lampung
This beach resort is located 5 km before you reach the gate to Mutun beach resort. When you see a sign post that says "Queenarta", turn left. It is not far from the main road. The beach is the same as Mutun beach resort in terms of facility--some huts to rent by visitors, small food stalls, etc. Since it is a newly opened beach resort, there are only a few visitors but I am sure this will be a much better resort compared to Pasir Putih beach resort.
follow the road to Lempasing
For one thing, it is closer to the center of the city. You also have an option to visit other beaches not far away from Queenarta beach.

From a health stand point, sea water and sandy beach are ideal places for you to maintain your health by immersing in the water or just walk along the beach, letting the Earth's electrons to flow into your body.

From this beach, you can also go to the small islands. There are boat owners offering to take you to the small island. It's a good chance to go to the small island, which offers  more beautiful and cleaner beach.
From the city of Telukbetung, follow the road to Lempasing fishing port. The Queenarta beach resort is approximately 2 km from Lempasing fishing port. To enter the beach area, you are charged Rp.20.000,-- per 4 wheel vehicle. If you ride a motor bike, you pay Rp.5,000,-- for the entrance ticket.

Visitors to the beach can enjoy swimming here. It is also safe for children to play in the water as long as they do not go far away from the beach. In terms of completeness of the beach facilities, Queenarta still leaves much to be desired. However, in the long run, this will be one of the best providing that management of this coastal recreation is under professional hands.

 There are still many other beautiful places to visit in Bandar Lampung. Anyway, this beach resort is worth visiting for the time being.

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