Bread Talk at Chandra Mall

One of the most visited shopping centers, Chandra, has opened a new
store corner making and selling many kinds of bread. As usual, new stores are swamped by visitors, many of whom really want to buy some bread, while others just like looking around. This is a good move for Chandra management to attract more shoppers to Chandra Malls.

Here at Bread Talk, you can take bread yourselves. After that you can take it to the cashier counter to pay for it.
Most shopping centers in Bandar Lampung are crowded wtih local buyers. We hardly meet any foreign shoppers here, while we know that there are some expatriates living in Bandar Lampung.

Chandra probably feel that it is not necessary to promote Chandra supermarkets to foreign visitors as local shoppers are already abundant in numbers.

So far Chandra Malls are most visited to the best of my knowledge as I have been living in this city all my life. Hypermart, which has been recently founded, regardless of its strategic location, can not compete with Chandra Mall popularity.

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