Mangrove Forests of Bandar Lampung Threatened Wtih Extinction


The coast of Telukbetung in Bandar Lampung city is now filled with all kinds of rubbish, most of which are torn plastic bags, drink containers and toys. This condition has made the area look dirtier, ugly and badly neglected.

Based on the monitoring on the coasts of Telukbetung and Panjang, the plastic rubbish and other garbage have scattered along the white sandy beach, especially on Sukaraja fishing village. This garbage has turned the beach into a big pile of rubbish.

The fishermen told that the beach used to be beautiful, clean and white but the waves have brought rubbish and other garbage into the beach. The pile of trash found on the beach is not because of the local villages throwing rubbish at will in the coastal area. The garbage is also piled by fishermen who get some trash caught in their fishing net while dragging the wide net into the beach which has caused the pile of rubbish to grow bigger. The local authority has not taken any action regarding this issue.

The coasts of Panjang, Srengsem port and other coastal areas of Bandar Lampung have also been covered by wave-swept trash. This is all because of lack of awareness of Bandar Lampung citizens in protecting the environment. The coastal area of Telukbetung has, increasingly, become polluted with all kinds of trash, especially industrial and household waste.

Various circles of society in Bandar Lampung have expected the local government of Bandar Lampung city to pay a more serious attention to this issue to preserve the remaining mangrove forests along the coastal areas.

Approximately 70% of mangrove forests have been damaged. Of 160 thousand hectares of mangrove forests, 136,000 have been severely damaged. The remaining mangrove forests are estimated to as big as 1,700 ha, and these remaining forests are being threatened with extinction

In order to meet the global modernization in Bandar Lampung, the local government officials in charge of this issue should take a quick action before everything gets even worse. Very beautiful Lampung bay that Lampung is proud of  is very potential in increasing state revenues from foreign exchange. This is not going to be real without great effort by  involved officials.

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