Menggala Struck With Heavy Rain


photo by radar lampung
 Flood attacked Menggala city, Tulangbawang Regency, approximately 120 km northeast of Bandar Lampung, on April 24th, 2012, on Tuesday at 13 hours local time. The heavy rain with lightening and strong wind poured down for hours causing some low lying areas to be flooded. The Tulangbawang river overflow can’t be predicted any more. It might cause flood although the area rained for a short period of time. The flooded areas are usually cultivated fields belonging to the farmers. The flood has apparently destroyed all plants. The owners of the farm claimed to have lost their potential income.

According to a villager, the heavy rain on April 24th had killed a farmer struck with lightening, while working on the rice field. So, if the rain comes with lightening, Menggala villagers prefer to stay inside the house.

Menggala city has recently been flooded due to heavy rain. Even some villagers’ houses were also flooded. According to Tulangbawang Regent, Abdurachman Sarbini through head of disaster management for Tulangbawang regency said that heavy rain has recently fallen, resulting in hundreds of hectares of swampy farming land flooded. There has been no significant casualty as a result of this heavy rain.

The Tulangbawang officials under disaster management office have teamed up to monitor the coming heavy rain.

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