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Railway station at Untung Suropati
To travel to other cities or other provinces, the residents of Bandar Lampung have choices regarding which to go by. Most people prefer going by buses as bus routes cover many destination places, while railway transport covers only several places and   travelling frequencies are very low. To go to South Sumatera, there are only two departures—in the morning at 9 and in the evening 10 at the latest. Tickets can be reserved  or purchased just before you leave. Allow 45 minutes earlier to get your ticket at the ticket office of the railway.

Workers or employees working in North Lampung can also go by train. This is a good service provided by the local government. They can catch the train from Tanjungkarang Train Station or the one in Labuan Ratu.

Compartment Classes Available
Tanjungkarang Train Station
There are three classes of train compartments: economy, business, and executive classes. Whether you leave in the morning or evening will depend on your choice. If you like to enjoy the view of the country side, you can choose morning train. The train takes approximately 11 hours to reach Kertapati Railway station in South Sumatera.

Foods and drinks are also available aboard the train but they cost you too much. You are advised to bring your own foods and drink bought before you leave. You can visit nearby food stalls at the railway station.
During your travel, beware of pickpockets. They maybe aboard the train or at the train station of your destination.  There are guys at the railway station offering 

Payment Point: 
Contact Center 121, Citos Connection Network, Aeroticket, Oke Ticket, FinChannel, CIMB Clicks, Epay BRI, BCA KlikPay, VISA, MasterCard, Jatelindo B-ISA Network,  PPOB BRI Delaprasta, Via Travel Network, I-Zone, PPOB e-Channel, Bank Syariah Mandiri, DOKU,  BTrav Connection Network, MILPO Q-NETS, Pointer Network, Violet Online Connection - VOC, Mitracomm Network, Asia Wisata Network, ATA Indonesia Network, Panglima Express Network, Tors.us Network, AKSES Network, Lets Pay Network, Abhimata Network. [ Source: Jadwal Perjalanan Kereta Api 2015]

Tickets can also be available at:

KA Office, Post Office, Pegadaian Agency (Pawn Agency), Indomaret Minimarket, Alfamart Minimarket, Alfamidi, Alfa Express, Lawson, 7-Eleven, Coopay, and Tiki JNE.
You can also use the following address to buy tickets:

https://tiket.kereta-api.co.id or you can download the train schedule HERE
If you buy tickets online, prepare your ID cards of all prospective passengers. Upon completion of the order, you will be notified of when you must pay for the tickets at the latest. Payment can be made via ATM of the following banks: BRI, BCA, etc (See Payment point above). 


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