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Restaurant of Begadang I – V in Bandar Lampung

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Restaurant of Begadang I – V in Bandar Lampung
Begadang Restaurant has been long established in Bandar Lampung, which sells Padang cuisine and national foods. Where ever you are, Padang Restaurants offer similar types of foods but in terms of delicacy, Begadang Restaurants have the tastiest foods. I have travelled to some other parts of the provinces; Begadang Restaurants have been beyond compare. Honest.

satay of Begadang 2
The owner of Restaurant Begadang, Haji Dasril started his business in 1978 by opening his first restaurant (Begadang I) located in Bambu Kuning market area.  Because the restaurant was high in demand, he opened the second one called Begadang II located on Jl. Diponegoro near Adipura Monument. Up to now, Mr. Dasril has opened 5 restaurants located at different locations. The last restaurant he established was Begadang V complete with hotel facility built next to the restaurant.
grilled chicken at Begadang II restaurant

What is so special about this restaurants run by Haji Dasril is that all his restaurants are regularly closed during the month of Ramadan.

Fried chicken and spicy meats (called “Randang”) are very delicious and even the most delicious of all in Bandar Lampung. Should you visit Bandar Lampung, do not forget to drop by and taste the foods. Compare it to other Padang cuisine you found in other Padang restaurants. I am sure you will say that Padang cuisine of Begadang restaurants is the best.

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