Sunday Market Place at Wayhalim Sports Arena

If you go to the sports arena on Wayhalim, you will see that the parking lots of the sports arena are filleld with people selling their merchandises like clothes, belts,toys, foods, and many more. This kind of market is only available on Sunday morning from 6 to about 9 o'clock. The reasons for them to sell things in that area is that there are always many joggers, aerobics participants, bikers, and walkers who spend their leisure time hanging about after their activities.

Market at PKOR Sunday morning
The bad things about the sports arena, which is annually used for August 17th independent day exhibition, is that it is sort of neglected. You will notice bushes growing wildly in the park. There are also some puddles of water because of the rain. I never have any idea why the local government has not paid attention to this area. Hope the government in fact has something in mind to take good care of Bandar Lampung city. What is happening now is perhaps the government has no priority for this area yet.

I don't think Bandar Lampung can become a tourist destination like Bali or other places in Java. It will but takes a long time. Solo, a city in central java can be a good example for Bandar Lampung to follow. Let's hope that Bandar Lampung will show not only to the country but also to the world that it has something interesting to promote and will ensure that all visitors to the city will be able to stay comfortably and safely.

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