Users of Way Halim Sports Arena Should be Informed of Where to Throw Rubbish

If you come over to the Way Halim Sports Arena, you will see rubbish scattered in almost every corner of the place. This is probably rubbish bins are not available. You can't blame visitors for throwing rubbish at will since we, Indonesian people, are not accustomed to throwing rubbish into the rubbish tins.Unlike westerners, they have been educated to how to deal with rubbish--i.e, where to throw it. As residents of Bandar Lampung, let us keep our city clean. Do not wait till the local government impose a ban on littering.

Way Halim Sports Arena is also a place where you can find traditional houses from Central Lampung (Lampung Tengah), South Lampung (Lampung Selatan), West Lampung (Lampung Barat) and many more houses representing each district. These traditional houses are not occupied but are used for provincial events and national event like celebrating Indonesia's Independence day on every August 17th. The arena is in fact  not only used for sports like jogging, running, biking, self-defence practice but also for exhibitions either annually or monthly.

In connection with the local government plan to improve tourism sectors, taking care of Way Halim Sports Arena should be included in the program. The neglected vast park, which is now being coverd with wild bushes, should quickly be taken care of. If this is left alone, it will create the impression that the local government pays no heed to it.


Author: verified_user