Way Halimm Sports Arena Seems To Be Neglected

The sports Areana is surrounded by mostly neglected park and parts of Way Halim housing complex. Some years ago, the park, which is now becoming bushy, was intended for a huge, possibly the biggest shopping center in Sumatera but there has been no realization of the construction.

The location of this Way Halim Sports Arena is very strategic. If only the park had turned into what was previously planned--as one of the biggest shopping centers--Bandar Lampung would have become a destination of weekenders from at least the neigboring provinces like Palembang and cities of West Java.

So far this field remains the same, even after the flyover has been constructed. The empty spacious field as seen in the photo has been used for learning driving. There is not yet further information regarding the field is for.

Author: verified_user