Air Pollution--How To Avoid Air Pollution


Air pollution is known to deteriorate health. However, air pollution is often difficult to avoid because many of us do a lot of activities outside the buildings.
Physical exercises are also done outside. So, what shall we do to avoid this unhealthy air pollution?
According to Womens Health, there are five ways to avoid air pollution as follows:
  • Do activities early in the morning. Ozone is generally at its lowest at around 6 – 10 in the morning, and rises the whole day as sunray-blocking layer because hydrocarbon from car’s exhaust pipe has become smoke.
  • Choose a less travelled route. Taking a road that has less traffic is better than making your ways through heavily polluted areas like in densely jammed traffic.
  • Avoid staying longer in a heavily polluted area. As quickly as possible, get out of heavily polluted places to lower the exposure of polluted air such as in a basement where many parked cars with the engines on.
  • Consume antioxidant-rich foods. Consume foods high in vitamin C as it is very good to protect bad effect of air pollution. Broccoli, spinach, orange and tomatoes are very helpful to help lung fight air pollution. Vitamin C lessens free radical, lowers production of histamine inflammation and helps increase glutathione which is an agent of detoxification that helps cells get rid of carcinogen and heavy copper like lead and mercury
  • Have regular check up of lung function. Ask a doctor to conduct a general medical check up on your lung. A doctor usually uses a spirometer to test your lung capacity. Physical exercise is the best exercise to keep your lung in the best condition.

Weekends are usually the best time to do the hiking or join cross country running club. They usually go to the forest where there is no pollution at all. I recommend you join it, especially if your work routine is in polluted areas like in big cities.

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