Aloe Vera Gel--Benefits And How To Use It

Aloe vera is a tropical plant that has thick fleshy leaves often used to make medicine, cosmetics and so on. This kind of vegetation grows abundantly in the backyard of my house. Since the demand for aloe vera is high, some people grow aloe vera in a large scale. I grow many of these plants because I have been informed about the efficacy of aloe vera fleshy leaves. In the city where I live there is a factory which produces the aloe vera gel into canned beverages filled with aloe vera flesh. The aloe vera gel is cut into many small cubes and mixed with sweetened liquid. If you shop around at supermarkets, you will see many of the products packed differently depending on the price. Even raw, and fresh aloe vera fleshy leaves are available for sale, usually at supermarkets.

What does Aloe Vera Gel Contain?
Health benefits of Aloe vera gel have been known since a very long time ago. Aloe vera is reported to contain vitamin, mineral, protein, enzyme and amino acid and therefore functions as natural antiseptic and antibiotic. Because of this, many people have used it as as the main ingredient of beauty products.

Benefits of aloe vera gel:
• increases oxygen in your skin;
• strengthens skin tissue and make it taut;
• Helps avoid premature aging;
• increase Immunity;
• Detoxification and digestion improvement;
• keeps oral health;
• Helps lose weight;
• cures diabetes;
• When applied to wound, aloe vera sap will cure it
• makes your hair grow thick and reduces dandruff.

How to Use Aloe Vera Gel in certain treatments
Hair Treatment:
To nourish your hair, wash your hair, and then apply aloe vera gel to your hair. Then your hair should be covered with warm towel. Keeps the towel wrapping your hair overnight? When you wake up in the morning, wash your hair thoroughly. Repeat this every night till you get the desired result.

Wound Healing:
If you are wounded, the first thing you have to do is to use yellowish liquid of aloe vera gel (you will see the yellowish liquid as soon as you cut the leave from its stem). Cover your wound with the liquid. It happened to me when I had my finger cut. I quickly cut the leave and applied the liquid. The wound got better and I didn’t feel the pain.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice:
Drinking aloe vera juice helps lose your body weight, removes poisons in the body and eliminates stress; half a spoon of aloe vera juice if given for 14 weeks will reduce blood sugar level by 45%.


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