Anti Smoking Coalition


Smoking has now reached the point of concern. Because of this, an organization of health professions in Indonesia initiated a formation of anti smoking health Profession coalition (KPK-Anti Rokok).

World Health Organization (WHO) reported that Indonesia was the third biggest smoking world population, 4.8% of the total smoking world population or 46% of ASEAN smoking population.

The trend is estimated to increase considering 15 – 19 year old male teenagers’ smoking tendency also increased significantly from 13.7% in 1995 to 37.3% in 2007. The increase in smoking habits also happened to female teenagers. In 1995, the percentage of smoking female teenagers was 0.3% and in 2007 it rose to 1.6%. Besides that, the proportion of smoking initiation among 10 – 14 year old teenagers had reached 17.5% in 2010.

The death due to smoking-related diseases is estimated to be 190,260 in 2010 or 521 deaths per day.
In terms of socio economy, smoking also causes a loss. The total economic loss as a result of smoking reached 245. 4 billion IDR in 2010 or 4 times more than state revenue on customs.

“Based on this condition, we, members of Health Profession Organization have initiated a formation of anti smoking Health Profession Coalition.  We are determined that we will have freed Indonesian people from danger of smoking by 2025,” asserted Drg Zaura Rini Anggraeni, MDS (a dentist) as General Head of PDGI as she was reading out the declaration of anti smoking in Stovia building, Jakarta on Thursday (31/5/2012).

Strong determination to free Indonesia from danger of smoking by 2025 will be realized by the following activities:

Advocate legislation that is capable of protecting society from danger of smoking.
Advocate educational institutions of health personnel not to accept smoking students and lecturers as they may become bad models for teenagers.
Build up networks with government, private sectors or society institutions to hold anti-smoking activities.
Build non-smoking norms and traditions as healthy behavior among health profession members to start with.
Train all members of anti smoking health profession to carry out educations on danger of smoking and stop-smoking counseling.
Monitor patients’ physical conditions by entering data of their smoking status and their family on a medical record.
Urge government to stop cigarette industry’s intervention in public health policy in Indonesia.
Urge House of Representatives to immediately access Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).
Urge President of Indonesia to sign RPP on Health Protection from material that contains addictive substances in the form of tobacco products.

Members of Health Profession Organization consist of doctors, midwives, nurses and all other health professionals in Indonesia.

Source: DetikHealth


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