Monday, May 7, 2012

Art Gallery Shops in Lampung

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Art Gallery Shops in Lampung
Lampung is famous for its beautiful tapis woven fabrics. Therefore, you find a lot of art gallery shops around the city. Some of art gallery shops not only sell tapis cloth, shirts, shoes, bags and other ornamental articles specially designed with Lampung characteristics, but also shows how the woven fabrics are processed.
Tapis clothes are known as Lampung’s woven traditional clothes worn by both women and men when attending ceremonial wedding parties or traditional feasts. Art gallery shops mushroom in the city of Bandar Lampung, especially when there are exhibitions or national events.

Lampung traditional clothes are also rented out as wedding parties usually involve wedding committee members who are required to wear traditional clothes when accepting invited guests. This condition is benefited by some event organizers and art gallery shops to rent out traditional tapis clothes. At least one a week, there are always wedding parties in Bandar Lampung; so, the renting business of Lampung’s traditional clothes has become the source of income for some people.

Art gallery shops are usually owned by people of Lampung since they are supposed to know the ins and outs of traditional clothes and lampung culture. Visitors to the city of Bandar Lampung usually ask questions regarding the history of woven clothes before deciding to purchase the fabrics.

According to some of art gallery shops in Lampung, most buyers of traditional clothes are visitors or tourists as souvenirs to be brought home. There are a few of local people who buy traditional clothes as their private collections but most  residents of Lampung rent the clothes for special events like wedding ceremonies or traditional feasts among Lampung people.

One of the programs of the government of Lampung province is to presevere this deeply rooted valuable traditions that Lampung is proud of ; therefore, Lampung’s residents are expected to uphold custom and tradtion of Lampung.

Art Gallery shops are only a few in number but their business actually supports the local government program in preserving the old traditions.