Traveling By Land Via Bakauheni Seaport--A Busy Gate to Lampung

Bakauheni Seaport Lampung

Traveling By Land Via Bakauheni Seaport--A Busy Gate to Lampung

Traveling by land in Indonesia may involve your traveling by car, bus or by ferry since Indonesia consists of many island. Traveling by land to Lampung can mostly be done by car or combination of private car, bus  and ferry if you travel from Java.

If you love traveling by land, you can't avoid Bakauheni because it is the only most used seaport that connects Lampung to Java through Sunda Strait. The ferry services operate 24 hours non stop taking passengers to and from Lampung. Ferries take approximately 3 hours or more to reach Merak or Bakauheni seaport. People who want to travel to Jakarta or other cities in Java have to go through Bakauheni seaport. The road that goes to Bakauheni is very crowded with vehicles from Lampung and from other provinces like South Sumatera, Jambi, and other cities in the island of Sumatera. There are no other ways of reaching Bakauheni seaport. Soekarno-Hatta road is the only reliable road to travel on. It's 100 km road from Bandar Lampung to Bakauheni seaport.

Bakauheni seaport has become the source of income for those who run businesses around it. As many other seaports, as travelers you have to be very careful around the seaport--pickpockets are never known. So, take extra care about your belongings.

Extra precautions are also needed when you are aboard the ferry. Make sure your wallets are safely stored. As I said we never know which ones are pickpockets. Some people coax you into buying their goods. You'd be better off rejecting them. If you travel by land in your private car, stay not far from your car. Or you can enter a VIP room to sit more comfortably. You will be surcharged for using this room. As soon as you arrive at Bakauheni seaport, you still need to cover 100 km to reach Bandar Lampung, the capital city of Lampung. Traveling by land at night from Bakauheni seaprot to Bandar Lampung is interesting as you can't see anything along the road to Bandar Lampung.

The ferry/ship fare to and from Bakauheni as follows:

  • Adult Rp.15,000.--
  • Children Rp.9,000.--
Aboard the ship if you wish to enter AC room, you will be charged around Rp.8,000 - Rp.10,000 per person. AC rooms may consist of chairs/sofa or just sleeping floors with or without pillows. Passengers seem to prefer the rooms with sleeping floors.

Bus Fair from  Rajabasa to Bakauheni or vise versa:
  • AC bus Rp.30,000.--
  • Non AC bus Rp.25,000.--

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