The Best Fruits For Breakfast


As we know all fruits are beneficial for our health, especially organic fruits that are free from pesticides and other chemical substances. However, there are certain fruits, which are the best for your breakfast.
Having breakfast acts as a body signal to activate metabolism process from a resting period to activity, which is why your breakfast should contain protein, carbohydrates and adequate fat. To meet this need, eating certain fruits is a good choice as they provide all you need for your body.
Make sure you know the right fruits for your breakfast. According to Lifestrong as quoted by Detikhealth, fruits for breakfast should be the ones that are:
·         High in anthocyanin which you can find in such fruits as blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, cranberry, red grapes, and strawberry. The research conducted in 1997 analyzed strong antioxidants of 14 anthocyanins found in fruits. The finding showed that anthocyanin could improve impaired vision, blood vessel problems and protect your body from damage as a result of chemical substances and radiation. Also found in the research was that anthocyanin could function as anti-inflammatory and cancer risk reduction.
·         High in carotenoids which you can find in yellow, orange and red fruits like oranges, melon, apricots, peach, tomatoes and mangoes. There are more than 600 types of carotenoids but the most frequently found types are alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin. Carotenoids are needed by the body as they can prevent impaired vision like cataract and macular degeneration. It is also reported that carotenoids can strengthen lungs and lower cancer risk or coronary diseases.
·         Rich in fiber that makes digestive system work optimally. Fiber also helps prevent diabetes coronary diseases. Women are advised to consume 21-25 grams of fiber per day, while men 30-38 grams per day. Rich fiber contents are found in raspberry, blackberry, avocados, apples, dates, bananas and many more.
·         Low in glycemic index. Fruits rich in sugar may cause a spike in blood glucose resulting in diabetes. Therefore, eat fruits with low glycemic index such as oranges, dry apricots, apples, grapes, pears, plums and other fruits.
For your breakfast, avoid eating dry fruits and juice as they contain higher calories than fresh fruits. If you want to make a glass of juice from fresh fruits, make sure you do not add sugar in it. And this is also the most important to consider. Always have organic fruits for optimum results.
If you plan to have your breakfast to consist of fruits and other foods, eat your fruits first and allow about 30 minutes before you have your rice or other foods.
Source of information: Mostly taken from Detikhealth (29/5/2012)
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