BlackBerry Connection--Why Is It So Slow?


BlackBerry Connections may be exellent in other countries but in Indonesia, the connections have recently caused some delays. This might be something to do with BlackBerry providers' limited quota or RIM network itself.

Since I decided to stop using a BlackBerry, questions have been asked to me regarding how I could decide to give up using it. They seemed to disbelieve what I have decided. “Can you live without using bbm?”. “Are you sure?”

Those questions are certainly not baseless. The middle class to the top society have been using BlackBerry devices as their main communication tools.
It seems as if that not using BlackBerry device meant leaving a precious communication tool to get connected with the people around you. To me, it is not the case. I haven’t used it for two months, and nothing has hampered my daily activities. I have my own reasons for abandoning this device as I will explain as follows:

1.      The network has often caused connection problems in my country
I used BlackBerry for over 2 years as my main communication tool, and during those periods I was disappointed in its connection failures. Who was to be blamed here, the local operators or BlackBerry network? I have no idea. The BlackBerry Messenger often slowed down. My messages via BlackBerry Messenger were delayed. It took ages to get connected with internet, and my sent emails were not delivered. My purpose of using BlackBerry was that I relied on its speed and ease of communication. The communication via BlackBerry was probably the fastest when it was introduced. Now with more users, the capacity is probably not added in order that communication can run smoothly.

2.      BlackBerry Messenger Addiction
The number of BlackBerry users has rocketed, and this makes BlackBerry Messenger become a main communication tool as if it replaced voice communication devices. They claimed that using bbm was a lot cheaper than making phone calls. Many also think that telephone numbers are private matters but pin bbm are not, which is why letting others know your pin is not a problem.
BlackBerry Messenger is not a perfect way of communication. As I mentioned earlier BlackBerry Messenger often caused communication failures. Bbm sending often experienced delays (pending messages) causing users to be angry, especially when they were sending messages that needed quick responses.

3.      Everybody hates broadcast messages
Have you ever got broadcast messages like this, “Test sending contact? Please ignore it.” Or this one, “Add my friend, Joni, 21, cute, won’t you?” And there are still other ridiculous broadcast messages that often annoyed me. It seems to me that many users still do not know what broadcast messages are for and in what situations they are used.
4.      Limited Specifications
The common problem of BlackBerry is its limited specification. To store your installed applications you have to use internal memory, not the external memory. The more you have applications, the more the machine has to burden. No wonder if your device gets warm or even freezes. The only solution is you have your BlackBerry default system altered, which might be very risky.

5.      Lack of Innovation

Despite the increase of BlackBerry users, it seems to me that BlackBerry seldom makes significant innovations on its newly released devices. Unlike its competitors, RIM
probably thinks that without adding the capacity of the camera from 2 mp to 10 mp, or the internal memory being enlarged to 4 GB, BlackBerry users will remain loyal.

Most blackBerry consumers in Indonesia swap their old BlackBerry with newly released ones just because of lifestyle factor alone--not because of improved processor or better camera capability. Even only a few know BlackBerry operating system.

6.      Other smart phones can do most of BlackBerry functions.

As we all realize that most functions in BlackBerry devices can easily be operated in other smart phones. Even some smart phone types can do better. What probably makes users reluctant to leave BlackBerry is its ease of communications via BlackBerry Messenger although other smart phone models have released WhatsApp, Skype, KakaoTalk, and Yahoo Messenger but bbm feature is still superior I admit.

Now the choice is yours whether to keep on using BlackBerry devices or decided to find other smart phones. For me, personally, I have made up my mind about leaving it. I am not sure if I may go back to using it again sometime in the future.


Author: verified_user