Chronic Diseases That Attack Young People


Unhealthy lifestyle has attributed to chronic diseases attacking people at a very young age. However such diseases as stroke, osteoporosis, forgetfulness and more can be avoided.
Stroke, osteoporosis, and forgetfulness are not only diseases for elderly but they have attacked young people as well. The change in people’s lifestyle may have attributed to these chronic diseases at a young age.
So, if you are still young, you can prevent these several chronic diseases that usually happen at an old age:
·         Melanoma attacks people aged 50 or more. This kind of skin cancer may attack very young people starting from the age of 20. The best way to avoid it is you stay out of the sun, especially from 10 am to 2 pm unless you use Sun Protector Factor (SPF). SPF-30 is recommended but SPF-15 is adequate for protection.
·         Osteoporosis usually undermines people above 65 but the disease may develop at the age of 50.  To avoid osteoporosis at young age, take a lot of calcium and vitamin D, abstain from smoking. Regular physical exercise routine is essential to help strengthen the bone and body.
·         Stroke may attack you at the age of 20. We know stroke usually attack people aged 40 above. The main cause of stroke is smoking. Nowadays young people have started smoking. Fat and salt consumption are other causes. Eat a lot of fish that contains omega 3, which nourishes heart and blood vessel.
·         Adolescents are now prone to breast cancer. Work out regularly and keep proper body weight.  Alcohol drinking and smoking should also be avoided to reduce the risk. Early detection is important since the exact cause is not known. If you feel there are bumps in the breast area, quickly consult your doctor.
·         Alzheimer may develop since you are 40. As we know Alzheimer is dementia that is difficult to resist as its attack coincides with aging process. However, its attack may be hampered with such activities as doing cross puzzles, learning a new language and playing musical instruments.
·         People aged 50 – 60 are frequently attacked with gout but now people aged 30 may experience it. Obesity and alcohol consumption are the main causes of gout at an early age. Controlling your weight is a must to avoid troublesome gout. However, keep in mind that drastic drop in body weight may trigger the risk of crystallization of uric acid.
·         Nowadays children may suffer from diabetes type 2! Avoidance of this disease is still possible. Balanced diet and low calorie intake as well as adequate physical work out will help lower the risk of suffering from diabetes type 2.

The above mentioned information will help those who are still young to at least protect themselves from chronic diseases that usually attack people aged more than fifty.
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