Citra Garden Run 468--Lampung Hash


Hash Report 468

The rain poured down very early this morning but this did not hinder Lampung hashers to go hashing. Great number of hashers showed up for this Citra Garden Run. A few visiting hashers also came to join. Welcome Mr. Kecko Nasruddin Lahiya and friends to the hash. We hope you could enjoy your stay in Bandar Lampung, the city of Siger clothes. We also wish you a happy stay during your holiday enjoying the spectacular view of Lampung bay.

When all hashers gathered at Citra Garden Housing Complex, it was still raining hard. The aerobics had to go on regardless of the heavy rain. After the aerobics exercise, the hash master Alung announced what the run was like. He also welcomed some visiting hashers Mr. Kecko Nasruddin Lahiya and his hashing fellows.
Don’t disregard this run located at Citra Garden. Many new comers and guests thought it would be a piece of cake run but they all got another guess coming. Citra Garden is surrounded by hills always chosen as sites for short and long trailers. Those who regularly join the run at Citra Garden know what the main trail will be like—going flat, toiling up the hills, going down, up again and going flat to the on in.

Long trail usually takes 90 minutes, and short one less than an hour. 90 minutes if you run along the main trail. If you walk lazily, it will take more than 2 hours.

From the start till the end of the run, the rain was still pouring down. All running and walking hashers were bedraggled dragging their feet to the on in. No one was thirsty as during the hard work running in the jungle rain water wet their faces and possible sipped a little rain drop.  To all Lampung hashers, please don’t give up joining wet hash next time. Bye bye.


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