The commemoration of National Education Day Held in Way Halim Sports Arena


Students of Junior, Senior High Schools and universities gathered in the Way Halim Stadium in Bandar lampung to commemorate the National Education Day (Harpernas – Hari Pendidikan Nasional) that falls on May 2nd. 

The commemoration of National Education Day is annually held in Bandar Lampung.

 All students filled all the seats of football stadium to witness the ceremony.  Some students gathered outside the stadium as the stadium could no longer hold more people due to its limited seats. 

Marching bands from some schools participated in the commemoration. They performed some nice marching band attractions after the ceremony was over.

The commemoration was also held in all districts of Lampung : South Lampung (Lampung Selatan), Central Lampung (Lampung Tengah), North Lampung (Lampung Utara), West Lampung (Lampung Barat), East Lampung (Lampung Timur), Tanggamus, Pesawaran, Pringsewu, Tulang Bawang, and Way Kanan.

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