Drinking Water--One Of The Best Ways to Remove Toxin


Water is a part of our lives. Without it, we will not live healthily. It is always the best thing to do to make sure that water we drink everyday is safe, fresh, and purified.

All our body cells should avoid getting dehydrated in order that they con function well. Therefore, we need clean pure water to maintain our physical and mental strength.

As we probably know most organs in our body contain water—blood, brain, glends, and many more important organs can function well because of adequate water running in our bodies.
If we are badly dehydrated, mental disorder and death may occur. Heavy dehydration symptoms are marked by deteriorating health—pain, energyless, mental disorder, and many chronic physical diseases.

Pure water helps detoxify, cleanse blood of its accumulated fat where toxin grows. To get rid of this, we should drin a lot of fresh water. Make sure that the water we drink is free from dangerous chemical substances like pesticides, insectides, herbicides that often come with the water. A research in USA found that water was contaminated with such dangerous things.
Lower the consumption of packaged water as the plastic package may contain dangerous substance.  Soda, alcoholic and caffeine  water should also be avoided.

Keep in mind that tap water contains dangerous heavy metals; so, avoid drinking it unless it is purified. Continuous drinking of tap water will cause poisonous accumulation in the body that weakens brain function.
You can have the water purified using a reverse osmosis as recommended by Robert Slovak, a water purification specialist. He said this system was cheaper, and more effective than distillation, ionization or alkalization systems. With a reverse osmosis, the important minerals are not removed. Only dangerous and unneeded minerals are removed.

 If you plan to purchase a water purifier, make sure it has “reverse osmosis” written on it. Reverse osmosis system keeps the water purified but it still retains important element in the water.

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